Flying Fish?


I am just sitting here dreaming about making ADRs for the 4 days we’ll spend at WDW without kids :biggrin:

Has anyone eaten at the Blue Zoo lately - what’s the word on that?

How about Flying Fish and Fulton’s and Wolfgang Puck or the Japanese restaurant in Epcot?

I would love to hear opinions on any and all of them :happy:


We ate at Flying Fish 2 years ago and had a wonderful meal. I know the chef has let since then so I don’t know how it is now.


We have never eaten at the Flying Fish, but would love to hear some reviews too. I just watched the Fine Living show about different Disney trips on a budget. I think its listed in another thread on here, anyway one of the families ate there and loved it. It had some nice shots of the restaurant and food.

I can certainly recommend WGP in DTD. We make ADRs there EVERY trip!:wub: Although it can be crowded and noisy at times, we love the food. The Bolognese, the roasted chicken, the BBQ Quesadilla, and the calamari are really great. And the carrot cake is some of the best we have had.:wub:

I hear that Tokyo Dining in Epcot has also been getting some fantastic reviews too. We are planning on trying it while there.

DH and I enjoyed California Grill on our last adult only trip.

Have fun planning your ADRs!


We had dinner at WP in November, I should have phrased my question differently. Should I do one or the other - WP or Tokyo Dining. We loved eating at WP. But I am such a fan of good sushi. I am torn

I wonder if I can find some Flying Fish reviews somewhere.

We absolutely hated the California Grill. They may have had an off night or something. It was positively a bad experience all the way around.


We at at Fultons on our Honeymoon. This was our “Big Meal” the food was good. The restaurant was so busy and I remember thinking that it did not live up to its hype BUT my cousins were there in January '08 and they LOVED it. They said they had the best crab cakes ever. They said it was crowded for them too but felt it was worth it.



We ate at Flying Fish a few weeks ago, without the kids. The food was fantastic as usual. High quality all the way, and a beautiful restaurant. My favorite restaurant in all of WDW.

We at at Tokyo Dining, the best meal we had on our trip (outside of Flying Fish). Great views, wonderful restaurant, and the food was top notch. The sushi was very good, and everything else we had was very good. Make a reservation for a little later in the evening, the views from all the tables are fantastic, you can see most of the World Showcase and all of Illuminations without leaving your table.

I have done Fulton’s a few times, great food, but as mentioned, it is crowded, and the atmosphere left a lot to be desired.



We love to restaurant hop around the Epcot Resorts.

We love Flying Fish. Food is great, service is magnificent. They did change chef’s about 2 years ago, but the quality is still evident. I’d recommend it. I get the mussels, Cheryl the caesar salad.

We usually do Blue Zoo for flatbreads, Zooberry martini’s and oysters. Very good. They got a bit fussy about having “dinner” in the bar area, but with the competition, I would think that would be negotiable… as they say.

Kimono’s is first rate for sushi, tempura, sashimi, etc.

Il Mulino’s has become very friendly. Love the pizza’s, “beverages,” and their desserts.

We usually start or finish at Crew’s Cup. <g>

My wife has a scallop allergy. We mentioned that to the CM at Flying Fish. A chef came out, talked with Cheryl, then as we watched, proceeded to bring out all new cooking utensils (Emeril-ware??? <bg>) and prepare everything in a nice separate corner of the kitchen. Very impressive, not to mention very good.



We have eaten at Fulton’s, which is a traditional date night for us. But honestly, the new Japanese restaurant or Flying Fish sound pretty good to me!


We have been to Flying Fish a couple of times and
I always have liked it, but the rest of the family did
not. Guess who won that battle?:glare: We are doing
the Blue Zoo this trip and have liked it both times in
the past.:happy: Il Mulino is now one of our favorites
and I still think the Yachtman Steakhouse is MY


Thank you all. I knew I would hear from our very own restaurant critiques mickey and Franco for sure :smile:

So I have made my decision:
Flying Fish - I have always wanted to eat here, now I will
Tokyo Dining -
Il Mulino -
Kimonos -


Sounds great! I am interested in what you think of Flying Fish. For our adult dinner it was between Flying Fish and Artist Point. I made the ADR at Artist point but after seeing the special DH said that Flying Fish looked cool too!

Have fun!



You know, Lisa, Artist Point has gotten some really great reviews. I forgot about that one. DH might really enjoy this one more than Il Mulino.

I was just excited about going to restaurants we could walk to from the Beach Club resort. But hey, we could take transportation on one night.

Back to the drawing board

you’re going back before we do though, We’re not leaving until Feb.09. You’re the one that has to report back :biggrin:


This is great information!


Sorry, I looked at your countdown but didn’t read the heading!

Sounds good, I will have detailed food reports so I will let you know about Artist Point. I kinda want to keep Artist Point instead of Flying Fish b/c AP has different proteins that are not readily available to me to make at home. I make fish all the time!:happy:



yes, I eat and cook fish all the time too, Lake Michigan fish. Kinda boring. I am hoping for really interesting stuff from Flying Fish

You are going to stay at WL, I am jealous. I wanted that but for the land/sea thing, they didn’t offer that one. weeeeell, there’s always next time :biggrin:


Oy, I am familar with the Lake Michigan Fish too. Being close to Dt Chicago I have easy access to Whole Foods, I just made Chilian Sea Bass Sunday Night.

I’ll let you know what I think of WL too. I am sure we’ll love it!