Flying in January?


OK, please don’t laugh at me, but since I just moved back to NJ 3 years ago and lived in sunny south Florida for 12 years previous, I am kinda unsure about this. What is it like to fly out in January here? I would be leaving out of newark, and it would be a very short trip. I would hate to cancel or delay such a short trip b/c of snow storms, etc. Would you risk it for 4 days, or not bother in fear of snow storms? :confused:

Do they keep the runways and airports pretty clear so you don’t have to worry about it?

How is Newark in all this? (I know, besides their normal everyday delayed operations:laugh:)


I’ve flown numerous times in January and February. You just never know what the weather will be. Sometimes it cold, snow, etc., and you get cancelled or delayed, other times the weather is in the 50’s and nice. The airports do a good job in keeping the planes moving, but if there is heavy snow fall, expect a major delay. Always expect the worse and try to pack a small pillow, blanket, and bring some snack food.


I have flown out of Philly (close enough) twice in January. Both times I missed a storm by a day or two. I got great rates on those flights. I just priced airfare for a coworker for the 3rd - 11th and it was $118 round trip flying on usairs out of philly. If I wasn’t going in october, you can bet your buns I’d be looking to book a trip then with that great price.


I have flown quite a few times in winter for work over the past couple of years. Unless it is really a bad storm, they will most likely de-ice and fly. Really bad storms do not happen that often, probably the odds are only a little better that ending up with a hurricane in Florida in August. Make your plans, and don’t worry too much.


When I worked at JFK/Jet Blue, there were sometimes delays for snow storms, but rarely a cancellation. They were always pretty good at watching the forecasts and preparing. I remember that as the Food and Bev manager, we would have to stay there and keep a few places open until the very last plane was boarded during delays, no matter how long that was, or how long we’d been there. One reason why I don’t work there anymore!


We live just outside of Philly. The winters have been fairly mild for the most part and the odds are probably in your favor. Unless things are really bad, you shouldn’t have a problem getting out to fly down there.

You might do better flying a carrier that has alot of flights out of Newark so you’ll have more options in the event your plane doesn’t make it in from somewhere else.


I am a little further south in Baltimore, but use Newark semi-regularly. I’d say go for it. It’s not like there are storms every week in the winters. Most of the time, any delay’s will be caused by other factors.


I’ve flown out of Providence, New York (JFK) and Boston all in January. I’ve flown to as far away as Italy and as nearby as Philly. Obviously it’s a gamble with storms, but I’ve never has a problem with any of my winter flights.