Flying in & out of Tampa


Getting from Tampa airport, is renting a car my best option and where is the best drop off spot (staying at CBR).



I think renting a car would be the cheapest way to get to Orlando from Tampa. Are you getting a great deal that make’s it worth renting a car vs free Magical Express from MCO?


Using FF miles for 5 of us and currently shut-out of Orlando.


Rental is probably your best bet. Remember if you are staying on property, you can park at everyone of the parks for free. With 4 kids, we drive to every park with the exception of the MK. Just can not beat where the buses drop you off.


Then it sounds like it’s worth the cost of renting a car. We flew out of Tampa one year when we wanted a little beach time after a trip, it was painless.


I would check a car service. We flew into Tampa once for a friend’s wedding and didn’t want to deal with a car, since we would have had to pay to park it at the hotel in Tampa, and we didn’t really need it for Tampa (the hotel had a free airport shuttle) and knew we didn’t need i for WDW. We did fly out of Orlando that trip, but I remember it not being overly expensive to do a car service for the one way and it saved the hassle of dealing with the car.


It’s a fast and easy drive, and it gets more exciting as you get closer to the parks!

Depending on which car rental company you use, you may be able to drop off on WDW property!

I think both Alamo and National have lots at the Car Care place by MK, and also at the Dolphin or the Swan? I can’t remember which of those two has it!


It is not a bad drive. Sometimes a weekly rental is less than towncar service, plus you have a car to use. Check for car rental codes. We always use Dollar code from Mousesavers, it has saved us quite a bit.