Follow-up: GM from Nick Hotel Called


Yesterday I received an email from the director of guest services (who also said he was a GM) stating that he wanted to speak with me regarding the problems we had . He said he would be in a meeting until 9:30pm and that he could call either after that or the next morning. I emailed him saying he could call me at home after 9:30pm. At 10pm he called. I dont think I explained everything as well as I would have had he called when I was more awake. But regardless, I gave him the rundown of what happened. He apologized several times and basically didnt say anything differently then what we heard at the resort. He didnt have an explaination about the dampness in the room, nor did he have anything to say when I told him the resort was not what it advertised…that we had to go off property to find something to do with the kids when the weather was bad. Two 5 year old boys are not interested in decorating umbrellas and making tye dye shirts. I did tell him the manager we dealt with at the resort was bery nice and apologetic. He said that he knew we had been offered a free night’s stay and I told him we had but have yet to receive a voucher. So he said he would be sure to follow-up with it this week and we should receive it soon. He also offered us 30% off any additional nights we may want to stay with the free night. But then he threw in that the voucher may not be good during high peak times…the kids are in school…when else would we go! Geez. When I questioned him he said I should contact him when I want to come and he would see what he could do. He also said he would get us the best possible rate for the additional night…better then if we went through reservations. Honestly, I dont know if I would stay more then one night…and I would only stay the one night because it was free and the kids did have a good time once we went to the pool where we didnt have any problems. I also asked if we would get a suite equivilant to what we had…and he said yes. I was going to push it to get a 3 bedrm rather then 2 but decided to wait until we want to go. At that time I will stress more how uncomfortable the pullout couch was (I mentioned that during the call, as well as the dampness, and lost tv remote and broken phone).

So that is that. I am not even sure we will go back. We probably will for the free night at least. But this time we know to make sure to plan on going to other places and not depend on the resort for entertainment outside of the pool.

Good Luck to anyone who is going to Nick Hotel…hope your experience is better then ours was.


To be quite honest, I dont know why you would want to use the voucher. IF you were unhappy with the Hotel… then why go back? After reading your posts and complaints, it sounds to me you were very unsatisfied. Do you think you will like it better the second time? Just because it is free does not seem like a good reason to return. JMO


Well, often times people are looking for a “cheap” place to stay 1 night when coming in later before staying on-site. Free is as cheap as it gets. Maybe it will be better next time. :flowers:


We were dissatisfied. But with that being said, there are several people that I have heard from that did not have any problems. It could have just been our bad luck…who knows. So for a quick overnight getaway out of town to have some fun with our friends that doesnt cost much…why not give it another try? For one night…it is worth a shot. I will say though we wont be eatting at the resort and we will have a plan as to what else we are going to do while there. (Whether it is Monkey Joe’s, a disney park, or the museum. We have disney seasonal passes so parks wouldnt be $$$ and the other two places are inexpensive to go to as well).


We really should only be complaining to guest services with the expectation that our observations will be noted and hopefully improved for future guest’s enjoyment. Expecting a free room is not appropriate unless your room was dissatisfactory.

If I recall, your complaint about the room being damp wasn’t too serious, but more of an afterthought. Issues with the room condition should be addressed immediately when the management has the ability to fix them. Sounds to me like they were most gracious with your complaints and very generous with you.


I am glad that they followed up with your complaint and are trying to make the situation right. They should offer you something for all the trouble you had while there. I am thinking a free night in off season (wasn’t that when your over night trip was?) is fair. For a fun night or a quickie WDW trip, it will do. Sorry for your bad experience again, but am really happy to see they not only followed up on the situation, but are doing something about it.


I stayed there last year (2006). We had one problem. The lifeguard grabbed my boy’s arm(who was 5 at the time) too hard when trying to prevent him from sliding down a slide. I made a (somewhat) of a big deal about it (my son had a handprint on his arm!).
I’ve never seen so many head fred’s coming from out of nowhere. They comp’d two nights, sent over a huge fruit bowl, champagne, cheese tray, stuffed animals for the kids.

I felt like, after awhile, PLEASE STOP! i just want to get on with my vacation!

So, I am sorry you didn’t feel justified with your response from them…I felt like they did everything but offer me the key to the safe!
jmo ;o)


Wow he left a handprint I would of made a big deal about it to!