Food and Fireworks



I read somewhere that you can walk out on to the balconey of this resturant and watch the fireworks while you are waiting on you food. Can anyone tell me what the name of the Resturant is?


I know you can at the Califorina Grill. :smile:

Welcome to DC. :smile:


And I thought this was going to be one intresting recipe. J/K


Ya want food and fireworks? I’ll give ya food and fireworks. Pow. Zoom. To the Moon.

Yes, you are talking about California Grill in the Contemporary, and it’s very popular for it’s food and for the view of the Magic Kingdom. You can also see the fireworks from the walkway surrounding Narcoossee at Grand Floridian and a really decent view from the pool and beach area at the Polynesian. If you do watch from the California Grill, you’ll be surprised to see how far behind the castle they actually shoot from.


Of course, you can also view Epcots Illuminations from the patio of The Rose and Crown.


Yes the Cal. Grill is the place. Check the Unofficial Guide on timing, but get your PS before fireworks time.

They’re really great. We finished our entrees and the waitress told us we were welcome to go out on the balcony and watch and then come back and order dessert.

The view is perfect AND you get the music piped in. And you get to sip your adult beverage while you watch if you so choose!

Trying a pic of DD’s on the balcony in next post…


Here are DD’s on the balcony (DD#1 is old enough for adult beverages).


They don’t always pipe the music in. I’ve seen enough postseither way, plus they didn’t the night I was up there. However, this is what it looks like on Halloween.
Halloween 2.jpg

Sorry, I’ve already posted this pic and can’t figure out how to cross link it. Just follow the link.


Cool picture soundgod!!


Thanks, it was a video capture from my camcorder.


Awwww, Gingles, your girls are gorgeous!!! :heart: (BTW, I’m a girl, that’s just my hubby in my avatar!) :laugh:



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Thanks for the info everyone.

You all where sooo helpful I have another question. I have a 12 year old son and 13 year old daughter. My daughter wants to go to a character dinner. So the question is which one should I pick??? I do have the dining plan so of course I want to use it. The two I have marked are The Crystal Palace and Cinderella’s Gala Feast. Should I just talk her out of it and just go see them without eating? The only thing I think we have decided on is the Aloha dinner/show.

Thanks again


For a girl, CRT breakfast or lunch is the ultimate–all princesses all the time–including CINDERELLA!

Otherwise lots of good ones, O’hana breakfast, Chef Mickey’s breakfast, CP as you mentioned (great buffet).


You’re looking for dinner. Chef Mickey’s and Crystal Palace still are the top choices. There’s still talk of the Pixar buffet at Hollywood and Vine at Disney/MGM, but there’s nothing certain about when or if it starts. Cape May Cafe at the Beach Club does a dinner character buffet as well as breakfast. There’s a Chip and Dale family style dinner in The Land in Epcot. I still like Crystal Palace the best. It’s just so light and open.


Hubby is a total babe!!! :whistling You did great!!!

Also, on teh subject of watching fireworks form a patio while eating: Don’t forget the Cantina at the Mexico Pavilion! Great margaritas and tacos!


Another option…dinner at Ohanas in Poly then watch FW from beach. Would also work at GF beach.