Food and Wine and a whole lotta


Well we’ve been back three weeks and I have yet to begin this trip report, so I figure now is as good of a time as any!

Cast of Characters:
DS almost 2
Our friends:
Andrea & Will
Meg 6
Paige 4
and Andrea’s Mom

Trip: October 17th - 24th
@ Boardwalk Villa’s

Day one:

We began the morning at about 3:45. DH and I woke and dressed then woke the kids. The car was already packed and all we had to do was hop in. We headed to pick up my mom (25 minutes away) and then to the airport (another 25 minutes from there). Our flight was out at 7:10. We of course hit unbelievable traffic due to roads being paved and I began to stress. I needed to get the kids some breakfast before loading onto the plane for a 3 hour ride (we planned for plenty of time to stop at D&D for bagels and the such, but the traffic was throwing a wrench into our plans)!

Long story short… we made it to the plane (I think we were teh very last to board) and off we went.

We landed in Orlando and called for our car rental to pick us up and off we went. When we checked into the car rental agency they offered us a larger car and said we would save even more than we had thought!!! oooohhhh, now that is what we call beginning on a good note! Off to Disney!

We arrived, I played dumb on the whole DVC valet thing (not with the actual valet though, I was nice to them, not their fault!).

We checked in our room was not ready, but when they actually gave us our room we did not get our boarwalk view, but we were right next to our friends. That worked out!

We headed over to the Magic Kingdom and let the magic begin. I forgot my camera in the locked baggage that we had bell services check while we were waiting for our room! So I don’t have many photos of our first day. When we get our photopass cd there are some of that day!

As always we rode the teacups first, it is the girls favorite!!! Then we did the “cars” (Indy Speedway) DH always has thought that they should refurbish this ride to be representative of the cars from the actual movie “Cars”. I think it’s a GREAT idea! We did a couple of other things and then headed over to the Grand Floridian to have dinner at 1900 Park Fare. It was terrific! Great character interaction, and the kids had a great time!

We decided to go back to the room and settle in, (we got our first towel animal/character on this trip, the girls were so excited!) we had to make a trip to walmart for some necessities and get an early start at the fun in the AM!

Pictures to follow…


Day two:

We decided to take it easy this trip, we were just here in December and since the kids had to go to school when we returned we did not want to burn them out. It was our intention to make the most out of each day, but not run ourselves ragged while doing so.

We decided to head over to Hollywood Studios this day. It was extra magic hours that evening and we really wanted to catch the Playhouse Disney Dance Party so we figured we would do what we needed to in this park. We went right on over to Toy Story Mania and prayed we could get on, there was a 60 minute wait and figured “What the Hey!” It barely took a half hour! We LOVED this ride!!! SO much fun!

We ate an early lunch at Rosie’s All American Cafe and to be honest, it wasn’t that bad! We did all of our favorites at the park and we enjoyed the Blockparty Bash. I love this parade! It just makes you want to get up and dance! The kids love it! We had a 5:25 reservation at Whispering Canyon Cafe with our friends! It was funny! We said we would do a couple of days together but wanted to make sure we each got out of the vacation what we needed to. My friend hasn’t been in over 10 years so we planned the trips together and I gave her all of my learned pointers! We kept ending up in the same places, she was so funny, she said I taught her too well!

We met at Whispering Canyon and enjoyed our dinner together! The food was just ok this time! DH and I got the skillet, it didn’t seem to have the same “umph” that it did when we went a few years ago. I was disapointed! We talked up this restaurant to our friends and I didn’t care for it! It certainly wasn’t the worst, but, well, you get the drift!

We all went back to HS after dinner to see Fantasmic and catch the Dance Party. Fantasmic was terrific (as always)! We were so tired, and even contemplated not heading over, but it was AWESOME!!! The kids had the best time! When we ask them what their favorite thing was, they mention it way at the top of their list.

We walked in and the characters were there! The fab 5 were all dancing around with all of the people coming in and they stayed out! There was a Dj playing current music and oh my did Goofy have some moves! Pluto caught a glimpse of our son and chased him around for a half hour, just dancing the entire way! The kids got to hula hoop and interact with the characters for an hour or so! Minnie was so sweet! Other characters came in and out, and since we were so tired we only stayed for about an hour, but we were told that they stay until the park closes! If you haven’t done it, YOU MUST!!!

We returned to our rooms for the night and DH and I put the kids to bed and grabbed a drink and headed to the balcony to unwind and relax! We would have liked to sit out and chit chat with our friends but we had a closed balcony so we did not get to spend our evenings sitting out with them. DH and I talked over our day and chatted about what tomorrow would hold, we were excited! Tomorrow was Epcot and we could not wait!!! Food and Wine, here we come!!!


Here are a few more…

My princesses and Minnie.

Daddy bought Justin his first Rocket pin, and Justin is giving it a kiss! (too cute!)

Justin loving his time with Mickey!

Daddy, Justin and Kailey ready for Battle!!! Bring on the pies!!!


Sounds like a great trip so far! Can’t wait for more!


Ok so on with Day 3:

We scheduled the girls to do the Albatross Treasure Cruise over at Yacht Club. We were taking Justin over to Kouzzina for Breakfast. We signed the kids in and found out that they were the only 4 particpating. Kinda felt good about that since they would be on the water, and I tend to be a little bit of a control freak about that type of thing!

Anyways, we had a really good breakfast, I got the Scrambeld Eggs with Feta and tomoatoes and DH got the Turkey - Sweet Potato Hash. Dh really enjoyed his Frappe, and I have to admit, although not a huge coffee fan, it was quite delicious!

We went and did some shopping in the Boardwalk Stores and then strolled on back over to the Bayside Marina. The girls had such a great time! They sailed all through the lagoon, they say they went into the harbor at Epcot, not sure if they understood where they were but that’s what they said. Anywyas they gave the girls these cute little pirate bags that had “booty” inside! A Gem ring, pirate patch, beeds, bandana, compass, and some goodies! They talked about it all day!

We headed on over to Epcot, and got fast passes for Soarin’ for later that afternoon. Then over to Figment, a family tradition, for reasons I will spare from you!

We spent a lot of time in future world, we figured we would devote a day to it, and then after our early dinner reservations at Le cellier we would hit the Festival and round out the day! On our way to Canada I saw that the festival booth was serving the cheddar cheese soup! I figured I would grab that rather than order it in the restaurant, since appetizers aren’t covered. I used a snack credit! Cheap, I know! But soooo good!

As always we had such a delicious dinner. I can’t remember what DH ordered but I do know that I am still craving my Mushroom Fillet. The girls were able to get Cheddar Cheese soup with their meals, so since they don’t care for it (they are crazy!) I swiped it!! Mmmm, delish!

We left and walked the countries and tried a few drinks along the way. Chris loved the Cherry Wheat on Tap, and the Spaten in Germany! I had a Chardonay in Austria and a Chianti in Italy with a piece of chocolate! We found a seat on the bridge between France and the International Gateway and waited for the fireworks to begin! When we saw Illuminations last December, it left goosebumps, it was approximately 20/25 minutes and was fabulous! Once the fireworks were over, Chris and I commented to one another that we remembered it being so much better, maybe we were just distracted. We hopped on a friendship boat and headed back to the Boardwalk with three exhausted children. On the boat, a woman asked if we watched Illuminations and I said we had, she said, she could not believe how quick it was, we looked at our watch and it was 9:12 (no lie)! She said she was there in November of 2008 and since they were so good, she booked the boat in the harbor ride during Illuminations for Friday night and it was $180. She said she was going to cancel. They were very dissapointing. Don’t get me wrong, it was great to see fireworks, but they did not leave us speachless like they had in December.

Came back, put the kids to bed, and sat out on our balcony for a bit, another day down, how did we already speed through 3 days of our vacation! This stinks!!! I want it to last longer!!! Since Decmeber was a 10 day trip, we hated going back to a 7 day trip, it’s better than none, but never enough!!


Some Pictures of Day 3. I’ll add more when we get the photopass CD!


Oopps, one more!


We got back from the World on 11/2…I also noticed that Illuminations was shorter (less fireworks) than it was on past trips. We close out at least two or three nights each trip at Epcot having a glass of champagne (me) and watching Illuminations, and the show was disappointing this trip. We were there in January, 2009, and the show was longer with a bigger fireworks display.