Food and wine festival menus


are out I got the link tonight with my newsletter

Food and Wine Festival - Epcot


Thanks for the link, Cheryl. I would love to go to the F&W Festival, the menu looks wonderful.


Thanks for the link! I am going to have to go take a looksie!


Your welcome I am going October 13 and cant wait to try some of this stuff


You make sure you give us a full report…I want to know which tables to avoid and which ones to get seconds from…lol


Im sad though I didnt see maple fudge at the Canada one and I loved that every year


Maybe you will be surprised and it will be there. Hope so!


Thanks for the link! I was looking for this for a while-I’m leaving soon, and I want to have even MORE reason to spend time at world showcase.


Yay! Indian food - here I come! :happy:
So, what is South African food like - guess I’ll find out! And, I’ve never had Turkish food. Hmm, sounds like I may be eating a LOT on this trip. (I’m glad I dieted a little for this trip - now I’ll just gain back to where I am (or to just a little more. :laugh: )


I can’t wait to eat my way around the world. Only 18 more day’s until we go.