Food and wine festival suggestions


we had to reschedule our trip to October i was reading last night.we will be there for the F&W festival. we have never done this any suggestions how much time should we budget for it. how much money? . I have no idea what to expect.


DW is the ultimate F&W and F&G fanatic. For F&W we alot a minimum of 2 days just for eating and drinking. Our last trip we spent 2 full and 2 half days. It was our first trip with all of the kids being over 21 so they could participate as adults. It was a new way to see WDW through the eyes of young adults as DW and I could let our hair down more than in the past.
We did a few of the tastings. I would recommend to plan on being in line early. And if you get in line make sure you know if anyone is holding a spot. DS and I were shut out of the scotch tasting. When they opened 9 people cut into the line with one woman who said she was holding their place. Created quite a scene with many of us. CM’s did nothing. I was amazed at some of the language towards us coming from the group that cut into line (All over 60 and already totally trashed drunk @2:30).

Get the wrist band charge cards for everyone at any of the registers before you get into WS. We put $100.00 on each and told the kids that when it was empty the booths and drinks were on them. We were still paying for everything else so they were really thankful for the free $100.00 for drinks and munchies. It made it soooooo much easier on me. I did not have to pull out 2-5 dollars every time someone wanded a sample plate or a drink. And much quicker than using a charge or debit card.

We ended up cancelling 2 night time ADR’s since we were so full. Someone enjoyed a meal at Citricos since we were full and could not face another sit down meal one night.

Also go mid week. This event is VERY popular with many in Florida who pop in for an outstanding event Friday afternoon through Sunday.


Plan for several days; buy admission for special events; stay out of the fountain.


Still awaiting an actual picture.


I have three words for you:

Statute of Limitations


isnt that where the best people and drinks are.?


One of the reasons we always enjoyed visits to WDW in October was the F&W festival. It is the perfect opportunity to sample lots of different food and drinks from around the world. We haven’t done this for some time now ourselves, so I will be keen to hear how you get on, I am sure you’ll really have a great experience.


woohoo, look what just got announced! :happy:

International Food and Wine Festival news - 2010 International Food and Wine Festival World Showcase Promenade kiosks and menus

F&WF is one of my favorite WDW events! I usually plan to spend the whole day at Epcot, but usually half the day is spent in World Showcase wandering from booth to booth.

If you want to try everything, pace yourself and share with someone. Just have a bite at each booth rather than ordering an entire sample plate for yourself. If you just want to try a few things here and there, then by all means, hog that plate and enjoy it!

They’ve made it easier to handle money by offering wristbands that you can load with money like a gift card. I didn’t think this would help much so I didn’t get one last year, but I will this year - it looked so much easier to just hold up your bracelet at each booth, rather than fishing through your pockets for singles and change, waiting to get change back, etc.

As far as how much to plan on spending, it depends on how much you want to sample. Each plate is somewhere between $3-6, as I remember. The “wine” part of F&W can get a little pricier. So if you plan to eat and drink your way across the entire World Showcase, it can get pretty expensive. If you want to sample here and there, it’s very reasonable, IMHO.

Have a GREAT time!!! :happy:


I have been to WDW twice during F&W festival time. We went twice and used our snack credits for the booths or just picked three thing around the showcase. I would budget at least one full night for it.