Food and Wine Festival


We will also be at WDW when the Epcot food and wine thingy is on. Can anyone give me an idea of what this is all about? :huh:


check out for some good info! when are you going- we will be there Oct 1st week. Going to food & wine and mnsshp for 1st time! cant wait!


Around World Showcase,there will be booths from different countries set up with foods representative of their country. The portions are miniscule,the prices are exhorbitant,but the food itself is yummy. There will also be wine and beer tastings,some free beer or wine schools,cooking demonstrations,and some very expensive(read over 100 dollars) parties. There are some free events,though,like the Eat to the Beat Concert series,which showcases different musical groups.


we did this last year. there was some really neat stuff to try. it is good if you do not mind trying new things out, and the prices were not too bad from what i remember…


Around the World Showcase there are different little places where you can stop and from $2.00-$4.00 can taste food and wine from that country. It is always fun to do.