Food and wine festival..?


when is this … we will be there september 16 to the 24th are we going to hit it this time?


Um that is mainly in november


thanks we were going to go in november but wanted to miss the crowds.


We were there for almost those exact dates last year and it was scheduled to open in the middle of our trip. They did do sort of a soft open though and a lot of the stands were open a few days early.


I believe the dates are Oct 1 thru Nov 14th if that helps.
We normally go in the beg of Oct. and its always going on then.


That’s right…Oct. 1 through Nov. 14 are the dates for F&WF this year.


Bestest time ever!!! DH and I had a ball there last year…we are going again this year.


Best time ever!!! DW and I have a ball every year…we are going again this year.


Best time ever!
(I just want to be the 3rd person to say that).


Been to it 5 different Octobers. Main reason we plan to go that month. Always have the BEST TIME EVER while there.:tongue:


This was always on when we used to go in October. It really is very very good.


[QUOTE=Boss Mouse;1023898]Best time ever!
(I just want to be the 3rd person to say that).[/QUOTE]

Didn’t feel like typing just copied, paste, and changed a few letters.
Hey this is the most typing I’ve done all day!


Ok…I would love to get the opinions of those on MB. I am going Nov 12-20 and last year missed the F&W by a week (and the crowds). So this year the last weekend will be on my first weekend at WDW.

I really have no interest in going but I want to go to EP. Originally I was planning to do IllumiNations on 11/13 but from what I’ve been hearing, the crowds will be large.

I was spoiled last year by NO crowds at all. It was very quiet and I was hoping to repeat that.

So, I can totally avoid EP until Monday 11/15 but we love EP and really don’t want to wait until the 15th to see IllumiNations. Would you try for Sunday 11/14 or do you think the crowds will be just as bad as on the 11/13?

My other thought was trying during the day on 11/3 until it got crowded then hop to another park and just go for Illum on 11/14.

For those who went last year on the last weekend, I would love to hear your opinions. I did post on another board and they said to stay away because the weekends are very crowded with locals.

Any info would be apprecaited!!!



We went in October of last year. Saturday was crowded. Sunday was a lot better. But I would say any crowd level is worth it. It was a very cool experience. One of our best trips.


The people that live around WDW come to EPCOT on the weekends. Fridays and Saturdays are crowded but Sundays are not that bad, they have to go to work Monday.


I agree with Boss :blink: We were there at the same time last year…he was on the floor of La Cava apparently so he may have missed most of the crowds on Saturday…It was busy on Oct 24th but still a great time. We will be there again this year Oct 17-24.

Boss save me some room this year on the floor.:laugh:


is it only weekends?


Did Epcot on Sun and Wed. Sun much more crowded than Wed.

Not sure what you’re asking about re: is it only weekends. F&W? It’s every day. Crowds? worse on the weekends than weekdays. As several have mentioned the locals tend to visit a lot during that time.


We’ve gone annually now since 2002. Wouldn’t miss it.
Actually my wife’s favorite time to be at Disney.
Mine is Christmas, but F&W is a very close 2nd.
We’ve found the weekends to be very crowded with locals.


I was asking about the crowds only on the weekend of the 11/13 and 11/14 because that is the last weekend the the F&W but our first weekend of our vacation.

I am NOT worried about the crowds after that weekend becuase last year it was extremely quiet and there were no crowds. I will be doing all the parks throughout the week but I want to be able to avoid the crowds from the F&W if possible.

That is why I was thinking Sunday will be better than Saturday.