Food court coffee


I have heard all of the discussion regarding the terrible coffee served at Disney. We have always stay at a moderate before and made our coffee in-room. We are staying @ POP in a few weeks and was wondering if the food court hve real cream for the coffee. I can drink anything as long as it has real cream or half-n-half - cannot do the powdered creamer.


I grab handfuls of half and half and sugar from the food courts so I can make my own coffee in my room.
I agree 100%, I don’t like powdered non dairy creamers.
By the way, all quick service and food courts have half and half.


I was at POP 3 weeks ago. Coffee was just your basic coffee, not bitter, not special. Half & half was available. I also took shelf-stable flavored creamer cups with us for use as well. They were available in my supermarket in french vanilla, hazlenut, and caramel.