Food courts in resorts


Hi everyone.
I know if I have a question I will receive an answer here.
My question is.
If I am staying at Coronado Springs can I go to another food court for a meal?
Thank you for your help


yes, as a Disneyworld Resort guest you are able to go to any hotel and enjoy the restaurants/food courts.

Now, getting there is not always easy. . .or, its never easy :laugh:


You are lucky, CS has the BEST food court


Any guest anywhere, even locals, can go to restaurants in the resorts. Granted i’m sure they were put there as a convienance to accomodate resort guests, but aren’t limited to just wdw guests


I agree with Brit that CS has the best quick service in all of Disney World. On our last trip we were staying at BWV but went through the hassle of getting to CS just for a meal at Pepper Market!

Your best bet would be to go to which ever resort you were wanting to eat at from one of the parks, get a bus from that resort to DTD, and then get your bus from there.


Yes you can go to any resort for the food.


We ate for the first time last trip at Pepper Market at CS and it was so good. By all means try other resorts, but I think you’ll be very pleased with the CS food court.


Yes, you can use any food court on property that you want. That being said, unless you are at that resort to take a break from a close-by park, it’s not worth the travel time unless you are driving around WDW instead of taking the buses. Even then, the other food courts really aren’t that special unless your family has a favorite they must do. the food courts more or less offer the same kinds of stuff at each resort. Sure some of them have specialities specific to that resort, but CSR has some serious variety.


Thanks everyone for your answers.
I am glad to hear CSR has such a wonderful food court.
I wasn’t sure if the food would be too spicy.
However I have stayed at POFQ and POR and would like to
eat there for the beniets and the restaurant at POR is very good also
Thank you again


Coming from someone who is weak when it comes to spicy – it isnt spicy.


Your money is green, your credit card is plastic and Disney doesn’t care who you are or where you’re from.
“Be our guest”.


[QUOTE=Soundgod;1064682]Your money is green, your credit card is plastic and Disney doesn’t care who you are or where you’re from.
“Be our guest”.[/QUOTE]

AMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMEN brother!:laugh: Was that the original lyrics to “be our guest”? :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: