Food, Fun, Tigger, News and more


Well, here is our trip report. We had a relaxing time, we tried a lot of things for the first time, we ate at a lot of new places, we saw Mr & Mrs Tigger, we meet the best CM in the World, someone was in our room, some news from an Imagineer and more. That’s the short version.

Here is the rest of the story…

Our first day started out very early, as in 1:30AM after going to bed at about 10:30pm and who can sleep when you are going to Disney. Brenda was so afraid that we would not make it on time, well at 3:00am in the morning there is no one on the roads and by driving at a high rate of speed we made the 2 1/2 hour drive in 1 1/2 hours.

We get some breakfast and wait to board the plane and Brenda says what are you going to do on the plane. I am going to sleep! In the row behind us is a mom, dad, baby boy, little girl and grandma. We take off and Brenda settles in with her travel blanket and pillow, I turn on my I pod, settle down and…bam…right in the head, I jump, the baby wants grandma. I try again…bam…bam…bam…off and on for two and a half hours little feet kicking the back of my chair, bam in the back of the head, he wants mom now, bam…back to grandma. Every time they pass this kid back and forth I get kicked in the head. Several times I look at the parents and nothing. By the time we land I am thinking they will apologize as we leave the plane. They do, but not to me, they apologize to the lady sitting in my row across the aisle and say I hope he wasn’t to loud. I was all ready to say that’s OK, it is hard keeping little ones occupied UNTIL they said nothing to me. (I sure hope this wasn’t any of you!) Well, all of this leads to our meeting what would turn out to be the best CM.

We arrive at the Beach Club Villas and we check in. It is 10:AM and we can not get in our room until 4:PM. We have our carry-on luggage with us and we are so tired we can not decide what to do. We take our luggage with us and decide to go look for something to eat, then we stop and decide to leave the luggage and go eat if we can get our luggage back easily. We go back to check in (we had not went very far) and Isabel greets us by name and asks what she can do for us. Brenda explains that we have been up and traveling since 1:30 am and we want to leave the luggage but will be back for it soon.

Isabel gets on the phone, starts making calls and in a few minutes she has housekeeping cleaning a room immediately and in about 10 to 15 minutes we had a room. She tells them that we have been traveling, are tired and need a room now. She tells us that Beaches and Cream is now opening so we went over and had our first lunch at Beaches and Cream and went back to our room and took naps!

At Beaches and Cream we split a double cheeseburger and some onion rings. It was very good. Just look at those onion rings.


Sounds like a good start, can’t wait to hear more. That cheeseburger and onion rings look yummy!:happy:


more more more, please :wink:


Yah… a new TR… oh those onion rings look so yummy!!


After our nap the rest of our luggage arrives and Brenda gets us all unpacked while I get some more rest. We get up and get ready for supper and the Garden Grocer arrives and now we are all set.

We are going to Hoo Dee Doo. It is our first time there and Isabel made sure that I was wearing a big birthday button as we left for the evening. Our seats were in the balcony but we were pretty close to the stage. We normally do not go to comedy shows but we had a blast. We laughed and laughed and had such a good time. Six Pence (?) was so funny and he sang Happy Birthday to me and I got to wear his hat for a picture. When the show was over and they were all leaving he yelled up to me to have a great birthday! I felt special.


Cool . . . can’t wait to hear all about it!!

Great news about the early check in too!!


The food at Hoop Dee Doo was good, I loved the cornbread. The only thing that I did not care for was the baked beans. My ribs were real tender but Brenda’s piece was not as good as mine. We will go back there.


Welcome home!! Sorry about the baby on the plane…the parents should have at least acknowledged what a ruckus they caused. oh well…whatcha going to do.
your patience was rewarded by that aweseome CM who got you that room right away and made sure you had your button on.

Can’t wait for more report.


Great start even if it began early and with a head ache. Glad you had that awesome CM and some rest.

I can’t wait for the rest of this TR.


From there we had to make our way over to Port Orleans for our first Carriage Ride. The only problem was when we got there no one seemed to know where it was. We finally found it, right where we were in the first place. :laugh: The ride is from Port Orleans Riverside to the French Quarter, none of which we had seen before. The French Quarter was so cute.

Our horse was “Drummer”, he works at Port Orleans Riverside two days a week. There is one handler per horse so the woman who was with Drummer is the only one that takes him out.


Here we are in the carriage.

Then it was back home, tomorrow Chef Mickey’s, the Magic Kingdom, Whispering Canyon and a Birthday Serenade while I pretended to be sherry (?). :laugh:


OH YUM! Those Onion Rings look amazing!!

I have to try Beaches and Cream one day…seriously


I know what that is like but there are some things that you can do. We took McKayla at 4 years old for her first trip and I was worried but we had all kinds of things to keep her occupied, most of all the lap top computer and her favorite videos which we knew would keep her occupied.

I guess I just don’t understand not being aware of others around you. We wanted to keep McKayla occupied and happy not only for her but for the comfort of others. I dont want to be the family everyone it talking about when you get off of the plane.


Hear ye hear ye! We have 3 kids - DD5, and twins, DD2 and DS2. We do our best to make sure they are entertained and well-behaved anytime we’re in public. DVDs, coloring books, snacks, new (Quiet!) toys, books, anything we can think of. We need an entire carry-on just for entertainment! Plane rides are the hardest for sure. There is nothing worse than being confined with an ill-mannered child near you.

So sorry you had it happen to you, but hopefully, your plane ride home was much more peaceful. Can’t wait for the rest of your TR to find out!


I am going to see Hoop Dee Doo for the first time in September. I am glad to hear you had so much fun.

What an awesome CM!


That burger and those onion rings look delicious. I continously hear great things about Beaches & Cream that I am going to try and make it there when I return to WDW in November. I love the story of your ability to check-in and get your room early; that’s awesome! Can’t wait to hear more.


What a great start to your report. I can’t wait to hear more!


Your Beaches and Cream photo looked so yummy! We have been thinking about eating there this trip, and your picture has convinced us. We’re adding it to our itinerary.


You will all love Beaches & Cream.


Isabel rocks! That is so great that a CM would go out of her way to start your trip off right.

I’m glad you liked Hoop Dee Doo, it’s one of our favorite places to go. I agree about the beans, the flavor is off but the cornbread more than makes up for them.

I’m so happy your first day went so well. Did you like Beach Club?