Food Plans At Wdw?


HEY ALL: I noticed on some of the Threads people have mentioned FOOD PLANS. WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT? We are staying at AKL in January! How do you go about getting on a food plan, what exactly does it cover, what is the cost etc etc. Are people finding it worth it as vs hitting all the snack and food emporiums? FILL ME IN!!! momrek06 I :heart: :mickey:


Here’s a link from AllEars about the Dining Plan.


This is kinda new to me too. I’ve done dinner at WDW but not on the level as some on this board. Good question.


The cost is $38 per person, per day INCLUDING tax and gratuity. For children, the cost is $11 per day.

Definitely a good value if you plan on one nice sit down dinner per day.


WOW, thanks allot for the info, iluvwdw, now one MORE question, the $38.00pp, is that for break, lunch AND dinner total…tea & soda…I am assuming no drinks…wow…seems like a good deal…huh…!! I :heart: :mickey:




The 38.00 pp is for lunch or breakfast (not both) at a counter service resturant. And a “sit down” dinner, just about anywhere in WDW. You also get a snack per day (botttled water, popcorn, mickey bar…)
You do get non-alcholoic drnings with your meals both lunch and dinner.


PS - there are other varaitions to the plan also…

You could use your “sit down” meal of the day for a character breakfast instead of dinner.


Take your time as you plan. Some places (California Grill) is worth 2 dinners. WDW has a great pdf you can print with a lotof details.


WELL I CALLED DISNEY finally inquiring about the meal plan I was told the ONLY way DH & I could be eligible for the meal plan is if we had booked the 3 day cruise SEPARATE from our 4 day stay in WDW. Woman named “GLO” suggested if it was something I really wanted to hang up call DCL and cancel the trip and book the 3 day cruise and then book the 4 stay in WDW. I said NO, I am not doing that. I have my stateroom all assigned, I have my savanna view all assigned at the AKL, why (I said) would I do all that to just get a meal plan. She then said WELL you could inquire when you check into the AKL if you could get on a plan…bottomline I am not sure she knew really what she was talking about. Now really, who would CANCEL everything and START over. I would probably be charged a FEE to cancel and rebook…GLO told me that when RICHARD at DCL booked this he should have told me how to get the meal plan…WHATTT!! I am confused. Anyway, I will check it out when I check it. :huh:


Momrek06, one thing that I’ve learned from many people here is that if you don’t like the answers you get from a CM on the phone, hang up and try again! You’ll get a different CM who might have better answers, or at least someone you feel understands what they’re talking about.


GOOD IDEA…as I was on the phone with this GLO she kept putting me on HOLD to get INFORMATION…I should have done just that…hung UP and started again…
I actually found a 800 # for WDW today while searching thru the POSTS…I will try that # and a new CM and ask my question all over again…ugh… :glare:


You should DEFINITELY call back and speak to a few more CMs until you feel you have gotten all of the answers you could have. Make sure the CM knows exactly what they are talking about. I don’t see WHY you would have to rebook everything just to add the meal plan to your existing ressie…especially if you have a package booked and the CM who took your ressie for the cruise NEVER told you about the meal plan! Speak to a supervisor…