Food poisoning and Disneyland trip in a couple days?


I woke up yesterday morning (Sunday) and ran to the bathroom and threw up. I also had some diarrhea. I threw up about 5 times total yesterday, with some more diarrhea. It’s now Monday morning and I feel weak and can’t get out of bed… I have a Disneyland trip with my orchestra on Wednesday, I’m thinking now I shouldnt go? Advice?


Obviously you know how you feel best and if you can’t go, you can’t go, but it would take a crazy illness to keep me from a Disney trip!


It’s actually now Tuesday morning that you’re posting… perhaps you’re worse off than you thought?

In any case, if it’s just food poisoning, I’d go, but with the full knowledge that your energy is going to remain depleted and you’ll probably have to take it slowly with a lot of breaks. Drink a lot of fluids and eat blandly but nutritiously!


I am thinking that this is a flame thread. be careful out there.


I think you may be right! :laugh:


Thats what I thought when I read it earlier on today.


Dana, I thought, ugh TMI!


My advice is to consult a doctor not a fan board.


I thought it was probably a highschool kid, but flame makes sense too!


much along the lines of the guy who wanted to smuggle in an extra, non-paying guest?


Posted in the Disneyland Paris forum non the less :angry:


Did we ever figure out how to do that?


Ick :blow:


no, we didn’t. Maybe you should start a thread so we can discuss this subject in depth


I would be all for that…I have also thought we should start a mug exchange thread, could be part of the who is going to disney thread.


yes, a whole series of threads about our favorite, not discussed enough, subjects. You go first.


I just realized that no one told the guy that the space his extra kid is taking up is actually stollen from Disney. :whistling


[QUOTE=Dopey;1103230]yes, a whole series of threads about our favorite, not discussed enough, subjects. You go first.

And as this is the Disneyland Paris thread, I think he should have to do it in French. :cool:


Excellent suggestion.

Tigger, parlez vous Francais? then go ahead and parlez