Food & Wine '08


Just got back from F&W 13-15 Oct. We loved it. Definitely our favorite time at Disney. I’m not complaining at all about price, but for anyone interested, we hit 34 booths in 2.5 days. Spent $ 260. (put everything on AMEX so I have records)<g>. Average was $ 7.65/booth. Some booths we bought one thing, some 4 things. For us… best of show was the lobster roll at the Hop’s & Barley booth in America. 2nd was the Italian dessert, third the Chilaquiles in Mexico.

btw, while sitting in the Star Wars pod, CM’s came in and gave the entire group the Dream Fast Pass card. Kinda neat!!!

Observations… What economic crisis??? Sure couldn’t tell from the people at Disney. And… doesn’t anyone go to school anymore??? Just as many kids as summer.

Anyway, this was our 6th F&W. We’ll be back for # 7 next year. A most enjoyable time.



Frank -
I am glad you had another great time at the F&W fesitval…I enjoyed it both times I went too. Yes, the booth prices for the food do add up. you should have done the DDP and used your snack credits at the booths. Better to blow them there then on water. Wishy just did that and it worked out perfectly for her. You should consider that next time you go. Yes, people take their kids out of school these days to avoid the crowds. I used to as well, but can’t now that DD is in high school. Its to hard for her to catch up plus this new school she started doesn’t allow family vacations…you do not get credit for things missed.


Welcome home Frank! Cant wait to read your TR and hopefully see some pictures. I have never been to the F & W but looking foward to poss next year. I cant wait to hear all about it.


We are hitting Epcot today, did a short stint the other day, but today we will spend the entire day there. As for the crowd levels and the amount of kids I have to agree with your observation. We will now have to try the Lobster roll, and being from Rhode Island and actually having lobster pots, with my friend, I am looking for forward to real seafood.

Not to go off the subject, but did you do the Halloween party? We did, but were a little disappointed with the amount of tickets they sold, it was actually more crowded then it was during the day on some rides, but that might be because there were fewer rides open than the other parties (Xmas, pirates, etc.) we have attended. I AM NOT COMPLAINING, JUST AN OBSERVATION.


Headed there soon myself. I too am interested in the lobster. I can never turn it down.
Waiting to hear more.


>>ut did you do the Halloween party? <<

Didn’t do the Halloween party. We’ve done the VMCP x3 and loved it each year.



fjs08, you were right the Lobster Roll was great, actually was full of Lobster, and mostly the best parts, the claws. Mmmmm, wanted more but behaved ourselves.


I’m sold. If a fellow RI-er gives the thumbs up to the lobster then it must be good. :happy:


>>Mmmmm, wanted more but behaved ourselves.<<

My wife told them they need to sell it as a “foot long!!!” <g>



[QUOTE=fjs08;893975]And… doesn’t anyone go to school anymore??? Just as many kids as summer.


We homeschool, so we can vacation when everyone else can’t. We usually choose vacation spots based on the lowest crowds and prices. For instance, this year my son started school so early that he will have his mid-term exams complete before Thanksgiving, and we’ll be in WDW during what historically one of the lowest crowd times of the year according to I guess you hit a time when some of my fellow homeschool families were there.


>>lowest crowds <<

I doubt Disney actually has a “low crowd” time <G>. Always seems packed to me.
This week was really crowded. Huge ITexpo at the Epcot resorts. I think the Dolphin hosted it. Went to Il Mulio’s for dessert and expresso in the evening. Bar was jammed!! Fun though. LOTS of people. We enjoyed it. I’m a Mac guy, and I was really awakened that it’s still a Windows world. Seems every company was there except Apple. I’ve never seen so many Blackberrys and ThinkPads going in my life. Even my wife commented. She uses Vista and jokes with me about my Mac preferences. It was funny actually.


Boy I would love to do this, however it may have to wait until the kids get older…