Food & Wine report



Just got back from a trip to the Food & Wine from Mon -Thurs. F&W was marvelous!!! It’s our 5th in a row and this was the best yet. We don’t do the “events.” Just graze around Epcot. Went with our daughter and son in law. Their first F&W. Took 4 hours first day to make the cycle. Hit 17 spots. We loved it and will definitely go back next year.

Ate at CA Grill for dinner one nite. Absolutely great.
Next nite was Yachtsman. Not so great. Had to send some things back…cold, and the steaks were ok, but definitely not worth $ 44. Yachtsman is off our list for awhile. Had lunch at Brown Derby. We may have to move it into the “dinner rotation.” Love the food.



Thanks for the report. Especially the part of Yachtsman. I am glad I switched my ADR from there to California Grill :biggrin:


Have not eaten at the Yachtsman in a few years, I liked it then. I guess things have changed.


We’ve gone back and forth with it. Loved it about 10 yrs ago, then didn’t go for about 4, the hit it over Christmas and in June. Kids wanted to try it, so we did.