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Sorry if this posted in the wrong area. I am wondering if the food & wine festival is at the same time every year. We are looking at planning a trip for next year & can’t yet decide when to go. We are listing all the things we like to do & knowing when this is will help decide if we go early December, or end of September. I noticed the festival this year starts beginning of October.


I think it is always around this time. We were there the middle weeks of September and they were getting the park ready then. Also when DD was small we used to always go to WDW in October and the Food and Wine festival was always on when we were there.


I agree with Dixie, it always seems to be about the same time of year. If your on the DDp you can use your snack points at the F&W festival.


So now we just need to decide if we would rather see Disney at halloween time or Christmas time.


Wow tough choice-I’d love to be there for Christmas time, I would imagine Disney does Christmas in a pretty spectacular way. However, I have seen it at Halloween and thats pretty cool too at the MNSSHP. Let us know what you decide:mickey:


Honestly, I’ve never been to WDW during halloween, but I have been there around Christmas. (Thanksgiving week.) And let me tell you… it was spectacular! MVMCP was breath-taking, and it made me cry! :heart: IT SNOWS ON MAIN STREET and they play that wonderful old time, classic christmas music. Hot chocolate and sugar cookies at every turn. Limited merch. Wonderful decorations. :wub: And EPCOT is magnificently decorated for Christmas, with all the lights and trees.

Not to mention the Osbourne Spectacle of Lights! Which I’ve been dying to do.

The only bad thing is I went with my friends family, so I didn’t get to enjoy that warm, Christmasy family feeling! I’d love to be able to go with my family :happy:
And the hotels are all decorated with special lobby set ups andddd, once a year hidden Mickeys!

Halloween has always been a time I wanted to go to WDW, but I feel like they celebrate more for Christmas, and in my opinion, I think it’s a little more special feeling.

But MNSSHP looks amazing!!! But I don’t know how ‘halloween-y’ the parks feel outside of that celebration, because I have never there in Oct!

Good luck!!


Yes it is the same time every year. We go every October for this. One of the best times to go. Crowds not bad, weather perfect, and food/wine excellent. You may not have the same countries every year, but always a good time.


Yes it is the same time every year, the crowds aren’t usually bad.


How long is your trip? If you can swing a trip in Nov., you might be able to catch the end of the food and wine and then a few days later Christmas decorations pop up most everywhere. Before Thanksgiving Epcot doesn’t have as much stuff, the other parks do. I don’t know exact dates on this, but this yr the food and wine goes to mid nov and the first MMVCP starts around then too.


tahnks for this idea. I had not thought of it. We will definitely look into this option. We have been there for the halloween party twice & for the Christmas party once. I really like to make our costumes & would like to make some so we can go again but DBF says it might be nice to see the Christmas decotations again. The thing is tht Disney is offering free dining if we start our holiday before September 29, 2011.
Another big thing to consider is that we are also taking my son out of school to come this time. (He will be in garde 9, so as long as his marks are outstanding, :laugh:) So we also have to decide when the trip will least affect his schooling also. I hope his teachers will give me guidance on this. My parents may also have input on this since they are both teachers.


used to be 3 weeks …now 6weeks …usually beginning of oct ----thru mid nov…


sept 30th–november 13th 2011…reporting from 30,000 ft


Thanks for posting… How do you know these dates already?


Walt Disney World Food and Wine Festival


Thanks so much for the info & the link. Really appreciated.