For all of us that miss retired attractions


Five Lost Disney World Rides from River Country to Mars (VIDEO) - AOL Travel News


Does anyone remember Food Rocks ( I think that was the name) it was doomed from the first showing. Really lame! LOL


I think there was something called Kitchen Cabaret (or something like that) at The Land in Epcot in the 80’s. I recall my dad complaining about it all day after we wasted time watching that. Then it became a running joke in the family for years! :laugh:


Thanks for the link, I just go stuck watching videos for the last hour. So many other things I should be doing!!! (none of them quite as fun though)


That is probably it LOL!!


FIRST came Kitchen Kabaret with Bonnie Appetite, then came Food Rocks. My dh actually cried when they changed it. Bonnie Appetite was his fantasy girl.:happy:

Can’t say I was sorry to see River Country go. We had a terrifying experience with an under-current that just about drown our daughter.

I still miss Horizons and World of Motion at Epcot.


I barely remember “Kitchen Cabaret” but I think I liked it as a kid. I kind of enjoyed “Food Rocks”, both times I got to see it before Soarin’ moved in. :laugh:

I never did the Mars ride, from what I can remember…


I dont remember the swan boats- they must not have been opperating when I was there as a kid. I remember being sad that we never made it to river country because they closed before we ever saw it and we did not know at the time that they were closing it. Isn’t there a thread around here that has what it looks like now? That is even sadder and rather creepy.


I don’t remember the swan boats either. We spent 3 full days in MK in 1979 - I don’t know how we missed them! On second thought, that was when you were given a book with a limited number of attraction tickets, so maybe we just never made it to the swan boats!


Woohoo, if you use the link Disney62 put up, you can click the word “disrepair” and i’m pretty sure that leads tp the link you’re thinking of! Those pictures ARE SO SAD. Why aren’t they doing anything about that?


I really wonder if they have since thos pics were posted. I just have a hard time thinking that they would let that just rot like that for such a long span of time. Its Disney prime real estate- but yes its super sad.


I remember the Swan boats as a kid. Its one thing I wish they would bring back.


20,000 Leagues … I miss that. I always liked the Nautalis Subs.
The underwater scenes were cheesy … But that’s what made it fun…!


My sister and I liked Kitchen Cabaret and Food Rocks too:)

Veggie, fruit, fruit…veggie, veggie…fruit fruit:)


I can see that I’ll be spending a lot of time in front of the computer watching these:)


Don’t feel bad…when we need a little pixie dust we “ride” Disney rides on youtube…ugh…lame right?:blush:


Wonder if it is a South Jersey thing? I do the same just to get psych’d for our next trip. My husband got a GoPro camera for Christmas and we took it with us in February and starting making our own library of Disney ride videos. Sometimes you don’t see the same things you do when it is on a camera and visa versa.