For all of you POR/POFQ fans!


I have been snooping around other Disney sites. (don’t yell at me, I cannot take it)

Here is what I found: - An Unofficial Visitor’s Guide to French Quarter and Riverside
Find the “Gallerie” page

and this thread, which is full with absolutely beautiful photos
Staying at Riverside : Show me pics, get me excited!! - Page 3 - The DIS Discussion Forums -

enjoy! :happy:


Thanks! Those were truly beautiful pictures. They only succeeded in making me go a little more crazy waiting for my vacation even though it’s not to POR this year. It reminded me of how much I loved it when we visited!


Great links! I can’t wait to go back!


here is another one: POR2007

We should make this a sticky thread


I love POR and thanks for the pics Dopester!


Thanks for the links Dopey. They are great pics. It just gets us that much more pumped up for our trip in September.


Wow, thats a great link! Those pics make me want to stay at POR instead of POFQ! I never thought that would happen!



Dopey- fabulous link thanks- but what time do you think those pics were taken?? on some there are NO people at all- but they were just beautiful.


See, now you know what everyone was talking about. POFQ to me looks a little bare in the landscape department. I just love the lushness of POR.
And I don’t care how small or big a resort is, POR, even when completely booked is never overrun with people or loud. You always feel like you’re there alone. It’s so relaxing and gorgeous

Can you tell I love it :laugh:


This is how it always looked when we were there in November. Very few people around. One morning I took a walk over to POFQ and never encountered another soul. Of course a lot of those pics were taken early in the morning when people were still sleeping or hustling their buns over to the parks :biggrin:
But, the food court was crowded :eek: So we skipped it.


Those are great pics! I’m thinking POFQ for our trip up on the 2-4 of May!

Thanks for sharing! :heart:


I stayed at POR April 26 through May 3, 1998 and there never was a lot of people around. We never had to wait at the food court. We were always first in line for the DTD boat. It was awesome.


You’re right, the landscaping is beautiful! I love love love the size of POFQ but for the trip in May '09 I am gonna try POR and compare the 2!



Oops, this is what I wanted to quote!