For all the people counting down the days


What do you do to pass time before you go to WDW???

Here’s my little bit of making the wait a little more fun…

1.) Visit the Disney Store and stand over in the corner and listen to the music while admiring the snowglobes… pretending to be in the Emporium.

2.) Take an occasional visit to Rainforest Cafe (its about 45 minutes from here) and I make sure I get a seat in the back so I can’t see outside the restaurant. Then I can think I am in AK or DTD.

3.) Put on my Wishes or Fantasmic! music sit back close my eyes and pretend I am there.

4.) Do the always fun… watch the planning DVD time and time again religiously lol.

5.) Watch past home movies of WDW trips. Remember memories and magic while looking at photos.

6.) Work on my WDW scrapbooks.

7.) Make 973249 Itineraries before I go. Each one becoming more elaborate. Though I NEVER make a schedule. Just what I want to do, confirmation numbers, postcard & gift lists, etc.

8.) This one is extremely strange - you will all think I am odd… but I dont know if anyone has noticed the smell of mascara (im a scent person I remember many things by that - sometimes its good sometimes its bad) anyways, the smell of mascara is extremely close to the smell of the oh so wonderful WDW Water lol. But the smell can just bring back so many memories… haha.

Right now I am fortunate enough to be moved into a new house with my parents and I being the only child in the house (child at the age of 21 possibly moving to FL seasonally for WDW castmember hoping I get the job finding out in July!!!) am upstairs where there are 4 BR and Bathroom… All by myself. So my bedroom, my living room and my art room are all up there. My living room is going to consist of all my Disney Collectibles and snowglobes memorabilia and movie posters and posters my travel agent gave me of WDW will be in frames on the walls, very simple but cute. So working on that will get me by lol. And my new bedroom smells like the all star rooms. Dont know how I got it to do that but i love it.

Anyways enough about me… how does everyone else make their countdowns go by faster???


You have some good ideas to pass the time. Settling into your new home will help pass the time a little.

I usually read all the guide books, plan the PS’, note additional things to do/or look out for in the parks, make up my spreadsheets for the parks and PS’. Then the time comes to make the PS’, now it is a little closer to our trip.

At about 60-30 days out, I start to buy the necessities for our trip. A little each week so we are not getting it all at once and getting hammered with a huge shopping bill.

Hang out on DC is always the best way to pass the time. BUT, then you also wind up changing your schedule based on the Trip Reports you have read or someone’s post. Can drive yourself nuts sometimes!

Otherwise, just waiting and waiting. I’ve already started packing the toiletries, suntan lotions and other stuff in their ziplock bags. Bathing suits and watershoes are already next to the box too.

Oh this trip can’t get here soon enough!!!


I just got my HCOE DVD today!! Can’t wait to go home and watch it!!! It’ll make these last few weeks pass more quickly, I hope!!


I can stretch my planning out almost a year…lol

Things I like to do to pass the time before a WDW trip:

1 - Disney store of course. Just to hear the music or to buy a shirt or DD.

2 - Research new resorts to death on every site I can find

3 - Make itineries over and over and over

4 - make a travel binder with slots for each day

5 - make pses

6- research other pses

7 - make packing lists…lol my personal favorite

8- packing over and over and over and over again…lol

9- last, but never least , is play on Dc and read about other trips and help with planning for other people.
redo all of the above until the day I leave


I visit my Disney store and look for clearance t-shirts for the kids to wear. I make itineraries and change them a dozen times. I make all my PS’s that I can think of. We watch Disney movies.


lol at the mascara. I’ll have to remember to smell it.


Dc is my haven while waiting, ok you got me that is always.
I also watch tons of videos, and listen to our disney music.


Of course hanging out at DC.

I’m also a home movie watcher. I could watch those things a million times, and I still get all excited!

I’ve got the Tapestry of Dreams CD, and I love listening to that in the car, and imagine I’m walking around the WS Lagoon after watching Illuminations (of course I can’t let myself imagine too much while driving!! :laugh: )

I’m usually a commando, plan every moment, ride every ride, see every show, Disney-goer, but for our next trip it’s just going to be just DH and I, and I will be 5 months pregnant…so I doubt I’ll be able to keep up at my normal break-neck speed (and I already know I won’t be riding ever ride :frown: ). So this trip is requiring a whole new sort of planning that is going to take up the entire 77 days until we go. So while I have to miss a few rides, I get to make up the fun in planning!


I thrive off of TR’s. I read every single one about WDW! I put my self in the parks as I am reading them.

I also listen to my WDW CD’s.

I can relate to the smell thing too. I am hearing impared and also wear contacts and they say the when you have impared sences that others are stronger and I always relate smells to stuff. I could be walking down the street with DH and say something obscure like “wow it smells like my freshman year homeroom” and he just shakes his head and smiles!

Lisa :mickey:


I listen to every possible Disney CD I own, until I think the rest of the people in my household are going to kill me. :wacko: I walk around singing It’s A Small World or any other completely annoying song that reminds me of WDW! :biggrin:

I used to make thousands of itineraries, or look at all my pics from past trips. But now:
(A) every time I write an itinerary, the trip gets cancelled…so I’m not jinxing things…I’m not writing any itinerary until a trip is paid in full!
(B) all of my pics are gone…:crying:…so I just have to look at the pics online instead!

I sit on forever, until my eyes look like this: :blink:

Oh, and I change the wallpaper on the computer about twice a day, with different pics from all over WDW!

That’s interesting on the mascara thing…gotta go smell mine now…:laugh: