For all those on the Dining Plan


I have the Dining Plan brochure that you get when you check in. Here’s a list of all the restaurants that require 2 Table Service credits:

Jiko(AKL)/Flying fish Cafe(Boardwalk)/California Grill(Contemporary)/Hoop-Dee-Doo and Mickey’s Backyard Barbeque(Fort Wilderness)/Citricos and Narcoossee’s(Grand Floridian)/Aloha Dinner Show(Poly)/Artist Point(Wilderness Lodge)/Yachtsman Steakhouse(Yacht Club)/Cinderella’s Royal Table(MK)/and The Hollywood Brown Derby(MGM).


Thanks Mick! I have made note …


Serious question here, Mickaholic. Do you really think it’s worth using 2 table service vouchers for any of those restaurants?


Good question poca - I’m planning on using two for the Cal Grill for DD’s birthday …


It’s just that the table service voucher is so wonderful as it is. We were all stuffed with plenty of choices from the menus, and enjoyed the atmosphere and entertainment every place we chose. Do you really get “twice” the value at the restaurants that require 2 vouchers?


What about Le Cellier? I thought it was 2 for some reason.


Good question, Lil… I wonder if some require it, purely for atmosphere?


RE: Do you really think it’s worth using 2 table service vouchers for any of those restaurants?

Since the Yachtsman Steakhouse (Yacht Club) is the only 2-voucher restaurant that I have patronized, I can only answer a resounding “Yes!” relating to this place. The food and the service were extraordinary. Since I dined here last September, I can’t recollect all of the exact details, but I think that our meals (two of us) would have cost $200+ with tax and tip. We did try the most expensive entree (steak and lobster tail) on the menu though (and I DO recall that it was dee-lish!)

Admittedly, I would not ordinarily dine at this restaurant because it would be out of my price range. But, it was a fantastic experience with my meal plan.


So you can order a lobster tail on the menu with a steak on the dining plan? If so,then YS is worth the 2 Table Service. Otherwise,I really don’t think that any of the other restaurants are worth 2 Table Services.


Le Cellier is just one. But the food was so wonderful, I can almost imagine it being two. Almost.


I believe in the beginning of the dining Plan Le Cellier was 2 TS,but when we ate there in September it was one.


Lopo, thanks for the great review. Just because of the great words, I just make an ADR for Yachtsman when we will be there in a couple of weeks. We are at BCV, and we have one night without kids. We usually do Flying Fish (love it!), but my DW will be there without me the week before, so she wanted to do something else.

I will report back to you and let you know how it goes.


Only if it’s good lobster. We love shrimp and ordered it whenever we could. Not one place had remotely good shrimp. In fact, the 50’s primetime cafe at Disney Studios offered an appetizer of shrimp cocktail. It was simply dreadful. It was chewy and tasted old. We didn’t finish it.


We do one meal where we use 2 table service each trip. It is just nice to sit down and relax in a nice quiet place and enjoy a nice slow meal. However, just like many of the dining places at WDW all are different. We have been able to add things like lobster tail at some with no additional charge, and others you can not. :mickey:


Palmickey, how were the added shrimp and scallop skewers at Spoodles?


Wow, that’s a good deal on that one!


They were OK but not great!


The Coral Reef was two and is only one now too! :mickey:


Mickey, I know from previous posts that you are a huge Flying Fish fan (and I still haven’t had an opportunity to dine there, but it’s on “the list”. I think that you’ll be very satisfied and happy with your meal at the Yachtsman. I’ll look forward to your review . . .


I break down the plan this way $2 Snack, $10 Counter and $26 Table. Counter can easily pass 10 (We got about 18 worth at the POFQ food court). So I decide if $52 is a good deal for the Yachtsman. Id say yes. By the time you figure in all the extras and tip you are still way ahead.

The only way you lose on the plan is at a buffet (still noe technically a loss) where you would be paying a fixed rate (Character breakfasts).