For all those who fly


Has anyone here ever booked through Cheap Flights, Airline Tickets, Cheap Plane Tickets, Cheap Airfare ? CheapOair ?

Checking the site out really quickly, I think they have indeed slightly lower prices.


Yes I have but years ago. My sister does it all the time.


That’s a good recommendation then, FA. thanks


I’ve used cheapflights Iris, but its the UK version obviously but the same company. No probs for us but it was a while ago.


I am thrilled to hear it, Karen. Funny that I have never heard about that company before. Like I think that I know everything, lol


Its just like an orbitz or Expedia (in my singing voice).com. :biggrin:


Yes, I get that but I see prices so low, I am afraid that this is a joke.
Ok, on KAYAK, I priced my flight at $533.
on CheapOair it’s $ 288.
What am I missing? this is scary. I need to go back and read all the legal stuff on cheapOair and see what it’s all about


I booked a flight for my mom years ago and we’ve often used them for hotel rates. Found some decent prices there. It’s legit.


thanks, Cyndy


I haven’t booked flights through them, but I have used it for hotels! Never had a problem! Good luck!


I priced my $311 flight too and one listed was $139!!! Others were within $20 or so.

The BIG but is that the times they have are terrible. One arrives at midnight ect… I don’t want to compromise that much! Maybe the $139 was a teaser to get me to look :slight_smile:

I will keep this site on my short list for checking airfare though. Thanks for posting! !!!


Yes, Zoey is right and that is sometimes the drawback- they can be red eye flights, or in our case go to strange stop overs like Zurich and Amsterdam first. However, that’s not always the case and you just have to be prepared to do a little searching to get the right deal for you.


The flights I found go the very same route as the flights I booked before. Same airline, same layover time and airport. Flying out of a tiny airport as ours, you have a choice of 3 airlines. That’s it.

Anyhow, I just cannot pass this up. I will go with cheapOair and I thank all of you for your input. I am no longer scared :biggrin:

So, see that I have a new countdown!!

I should add that we usually fly out at 6 am to be at Fulton’s by lunch time, but none of the airlines have offered that, so I will not complain about having to take the 8:45 am flight instead.


Oh thats good to hear Iris, I am glad you found this site, its so nice to get a great deal!


Great to hear!
If you are the least bit worried, I would just call the airline and ask how they handle bookings from this company ( if there is a cancelled flight, storm, re-route ect). They will be able to give you all the details that we detail lovers love. Lol!
And I would double check the conformation with the airline too.
I am excited to hear how it goes!