For all you TINK fans . . . more fun things to buy!


Checks In The Mail

Really cute stuff . . . all on sale! :happy:


OoO, those are SO CUTE!!! I am almost out of checks too!


I just love all the Disney checks!


They are cute, but since I write about 1 check every two months, there’s no point, lol. Everything is done electronically these days.


I agree, we seldom write checks anymore.


Yes me too, but the Disney Stationery and Labels are cute as well!! :happy:


that is cool - you just reminded me that I need to order more and now they have the classic mickey with photo- Im doing Ed and I on our parade float for this order- the other account has all 4 kids from the disney cruise. Our last batch was the 3 kids at Auskershus in Epcot- he he he- I love checks in the mail!


I’m still looking for the tutu and spandex x large outfit


I write checks for things that involve the kids school and for our chinese food place- Also town hall activities and things like that- I find Im writing a lot of them lately- If I could just figure out a way to transfer money from our fun account to our main account then I would not need checks… sadly that does not happen yet…