? for BLT owners


I have a question for those of you who choose to have your dues taken out monthly…

When should the first offical “payment” toward the dues be taken out?

My AKV contract is taken out the 15th and I assumed the 15th of this month would also be the first payment for the BLT dues since it is now open…

Anyone know?

Thanks! :happy:


Didn’t choose the monthly, but the annual, and I just received my annual statement a couple of days ago, so they are being active collecting after the opening. Maybe there is a month grace period. Not sure. Will probably have to call.


I didn’t choose the monthly, I chose annually. I still have not yet received my statement either!

It’s possible that at closing, the QAM or Guide put the 1st. Which would mean they start coming out September 1st.


I will def have to check my paperwork then!!