For everyone going to Disney


Don’t Forget To Pack Your Sunscreen!!!

I just thought I would send you all this friendly reminder! Last time I was at WDW I couldn’t BELIEVE the amount of “burnt” people I saw!!

My friend from NJ was visiting this weekend (I’m in Palm Beach, FL) and we went to the beach . . . we RELIGIOUSLY applied 50+ sunscreen every hour to ourselves and the kids . . . we were at the beach 5 hours and we are all burned! The sun in FL is very intense . . . my friend even commented “This is NOT the Jersey shore sun!” :glare:

So . . . with that said I just want to send a FRIENDLY reminder to all my MB friends . . . spray it, smear it, whatever you gotta do . . . but don’t forget your sunscreen! :happy:


Great advice! And don’t forget your ears, tops of feet, scalp (it hurts when your part gets burned!) and your lips, too!


Dave is the palest boy I know and he ALWAYS burns…once we went and he forgot to spray it on his ankles and they were burnt the whole trip!! I’ve already got two bottles of the SPF 70 packed for him!!


That is super good advice! We were there in February and didn’t think to apply sunscreen because it wasn’t very hot out. Both of us ended up getting too much sun every day - especially me, on my scalp! Yowch! :pinch:

P.S. BELLA, TEN DAYS!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:


Souns advice! I’m plagued with irish skin so I have to agree wholeheartedly! As a victim of many sunburns I have to give my two cents… :laugh:

I have heard over the last six years that anything over 35 SPF works as good as 35 SPF, so don’t fall for the 70 thing. Also, the spray sunscreen has had terrible luck with a majority of people I talk to, and my family, so just use the lotion; you gotta rub it in either way.

Remember that putting sunscreen on is alot like eating before swimming; put it on an 30 minutes to an hour before going out in the sun.

And I have to say this because I forgot ONCE and once was all it took…for those wearing shorts/skirts, don’t forget the back of your knees!! I burned mine terribly the first day of band camp in high school, and the pain for the next five days of marching was horrific. They turned purple. :ph34r:

And remember that tans aren’t so glamorous when you’re getting tested for skin cancer! (Just my obligatory preachy plug! :laugh: )


We were considering going down June-28-July 5th. I just can’t convince myself that the Florida sun will not be brutal and I will have a miserable time.I wilt in April so I can only imagine summer months! My scalp burned in April and that is not fun! I miss having more hair on my head… a sure sign I am getting old!


I always use the lotion on my kids at first, then bring the spray to back it up later. We haven’t had a problem with it. Getting 3 kids under the age of 5 to stop what they’re doing to rub in lotion is not happening around here! :laugh:


Great reminder thread! SO IMPORTANT!

I’m 1/2 German and my husband is 100% Polish. Thus, we have the whitest kids in America! They have never been sunburned because of our diligence with the sunscreen. Lotion. 35 SPF. Applied 30 min prior to exposure. Reapply frequently if playing in water. SOOOOOO hard to get two year olds to get the concept, but luckily we are past this stage!

As I child, we NEVER applied sunscreen. I have had some HORRIBLE sunburns in my past. And, boy, am I paying for it! I have awful wrinkles and a couple of pre-cancerous areas on my face that have had to be removed.

We were at the pool this weekend. I saw a teenage boy who was completely white in front, but his back was RED except for one white hand print smack in the middle. Looked like he tried the sunscreen, but gave up after one swipe. I CRINGED looking at him knowing what pain he was going to be in. It was only 2:00 pm and that burn hadn’t EVEN started to process yet!!

Thanks for the reminder! I’m going to go buy some “fresh” sunscreen for the trip (14 days!). It supposedly expires, and I’m not risking it!


I just wanted to add that packing a good hat with a wide brim is always a great idea to keep the sun off your face, ears and the back of your neck. I know alot of women think that sunblock is too greasy but Neutrogena makes a moisturizer with sunblock in it that I apply daily that isn’t greasy at all and it works well under makeup.


I love Neutrogena’s sunscreen as well. I used it on all of us last summer, and it was hands down the best sunscreen we have ever used.


I use Bullfrog 70 uv a&b spray on. I actually spray on before I get dressed an then do touch ups every 2,3 hours of exposed areas. I use lotion on my face an ears.

Other suggetions; wear a hat, plan on being in doors as much as possibe between noon and 3 (lunch?), seek out shade, bring an umbella.


Thanks for this important reminder- I have seen lots of burnt bodies and burnt babies and toddlers at WDW
As one who has painfully suffered sunburn- and it is the worst most miserable pain and must be agonising for little ones- I try and do as they say in Australia
Slip, Slap, Slop! (slip on a shirt, slop on the sunscreen, and slap on a hat!)


I agree, good reminder for EVERYONE! I DO live on the Jersey Shore and TRUST ME I put sunscreen on everyday, especially when I know I am going to be outside with the kids at school. It’s pretty intense here too but I agree that Florida sun is REALLY intense and so in Southern California sun so if your visiting WDW or Disneyland… LATHER UP!!!

I keep it in my purse also so I can reapply throughout the day. I usually use 50 spf.


I’ve heard this TOO . . . but the proof was in the pudding!! My friend said she would just use her 35 and I used the 50 and 70 on myself and the kids . . . well we all lathered up at the same time . . . and HER BURN WAS MUCH WORSE!!

I’ve lived here 3 years and I’ve never FELT the sun so intense!! I always spray the kids with the spray screen BEFORE they get dressed . . . then about 2 hours in I use lotion . . . I like the spray for behind the ears, legs and scalp!!

PLEASE . . . keep a stick in your bag for nose, eyelids and ear touch up too!! :laugh: :laugh: