? for Smokers


Can you buy cigarettes at the resort or in the disney parks? If so, about how much do they run a pack?


You can buy them at all WDW resort gift shops. They are not out in the open. You must ask for them and they run about $6.50 a pack. You are better off getting them at home and packing them in your suitcase.


Pretty close to the same price here. I am thinking about getting them at the phila. airport, they may be a little cheaper.


smoking area provided at all parks


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I quit smoking 10 months ago. But I could go back tommorow.:blow:


Tell us how you really feel… :huh:


I smoked for around thirty five years:eek: An
average of three packs a day:ohmy: Five years
ago I went to a hypnotist one session and I
have not had one or missed them since then.
I joined the “Y” the day after I quit and my lungs
are in great shape now!:happy:


Ihave tried everything… nothing has worked


Thats great I am on 10 months and my biggest problem is I gained 20 pounds and I cant get it off.:crying:


I said my LUNGS are in great shape!!!:laugh: :laugh:


I said the same thing and I am now 10 months with not one single cig. I only planned on 3 days and took it one day at a time now its almost a year. Remember we all will quit by our choice or no choice.

For your girls on the avatar keep trying.


I hear ya!


You will eventually… It will take time, but I’m sure the Dr. would rather see the wieght than the cigs.


I quit in '96 after smoking for 12 years and I’m happy to say that I don’t miss it. I certainly don’t miss the cost and I was only paying $1.25/pack back when I quit. I don’t know how teenagers can afford to start smoking nowadays.

It takes the average smoker 5 attempts at quitting before they finally succeed, so don’t give up. You’re dealing with one of the most addictive substances out there, so be kind to yourself and try, try again. You’ll love the freedom once you can finally quit. I also love breathing easier, not coughing in the morning, and being able to smell and taste my food better. I love that my house doesn’t smell like smoke and the walls aren’t dingy with smoke.

And my family is breathing easier now that they’re not dealing with second hand smoke. I didn’t realize how much they were suffering until they weren’t suffering any more. My son was most affected and now he won’t even be around people who smoke or go in buildings that smell of smoke.

It’s worth the effort to keep trying to quit. You’ll get there.


This thread was about where to buy cigarettes at WDW…keep on topic please. Jimbo, I edited your post. That wasn’t necessary AT ALL.


I think you can buy cigarettes and cigars at a couple of countries in World Showcase, too…

And I know resorts have banned smoking, but is that smoking everywhere, or do they still have designated smoking areas?


There are dsignated smoking areas in all the WDW resorts and parks…DTD is pretty much left open, but I see people going to where ashtrays are only and that’s in select spots. I have never seen cigarettes in the counrties, but I have never bought them there either. I am not sure on if they are sold there or not…cigars maybe. They aren’t sold anywhere at DTS at all.


oh… it was just a guess. I know I have seen cigars in England, I just thought that maybe there would be cigarettes somewhere, too. I don’t really go looking for them, though, considering that I am not old enough to buy cigarettes and I do not smoke.


LOL makes sense to me…lol