For Steelers Fans only


In September 2009 DH and I did a trip and I posted these pictures, some of you may remember. With the Superbowl tomorrow, thought you’d enjoy looking at them again. We had such fun doing this.


I so remember those photos!!!


I am actually taking a break from making food for the game tomorrow:)


Well, in listening to all the chatter in the Chicagoland area, I believe 99.9% of all Chicagoans are now temporary Steeler fans. Hope they whoop those Packers!!!


Not yet a full Steelers Fan (Redskins) … But I have started becoming one over the past couple of years … Troy Polmolecule :biggrin: That guy’s a beast …
GO [COLOR=“Yellow”][COLOR=“Black”]STEELERS[/COLOR] … !!![/COLOR]


Go Steelers! Let’s bring home Super Bowl win number seven on Sunday!


Just a few of my :heart:favorite:heart: things…

Here We Go Steelers! Here We Go!


Being that I am a Bears fan, I want the Steelers to kick bootie. Give them one for us :slight_smile:


Ouch. :pinch::ph34r:



@ MickeyMotto - I love that Steelers Mickey. Where can I get one???


[QUOTE=smee57;1065705]Ouch. :pinch::ph34r:


You were warned from the subject - For Steelers Fans Only!!!


[QUOTE=smee57;1065705]Ouch. :pinch::ph34r:


I’m with ya. But at least I’m not really a fan of either, just rootin for my man starks from buffalo:)


Sadly, I cannot find them anymore.:frown: They had them at the small sports/hobby store in Station Square. They also had a goofy and maybe another character with both Steelers and Pirates gear at one time. I went back to get them all and they were gone. :crying: I know for a fact they have not had them for several years because I keep checking. The group of them would have made a nice collection to our Steelers/Disney game room.


Yep, I know. Just wanted to get in on the fun because it’s only a game! :happy:


Everyone have their terrible towels ready for today?! My wife has all kinds of Steelers party stuff for our Superbowl party, napkins, cups, balloons; even little Steelers umbrellas for the drinks. We’re ready to celebrate our 7th championship!!



Better luck next year!


Better luck next year![/QUOTE]

Ouch. Thought Big Ben would pull it out again.


Rich… You are talking about the game right ??? :biggrin:
… Oh wait, That’s Brett Favre… :whistling


I guess the terrible towels became the crying towels :crying:


[QUOTE=WALL;1065886]Rich… You are talking about the game right ??? :biggrin:
… Oh wait, That’s Brett Favre… :whistling[/QUOTE]

No, you didn’t. Let me read this again…

Yup, ya did.:blink::laugh: