For the carriage ride at POQF


is the only pick-up at POR not POFQ??
the ride is through the resort…but you have to walk over to Riverside to take the ride??


Yes, it is.

They pick you up right outside the main area. By the marina.

I think it’s only at POR, because there’s no room at POFQ for them to hitch up to.

You could always take the boat over! It brings you right to where you need to be!


PERFECT!! thanks for the info. & it’s a great suggestion to take the boat over to Riverside…FUN!


We did this last fall (stayed at POFQ and took the carriage ride at POR). The boat will take you right up to the marina. It is well worth it. Depending on the time you go, book it early. They only have so many every night, and they do sell out. We lucked out with a cancellation. Well worth it.


This sounds SO NICE! How much is something like this? I might consider doing it on my next trip! (on a non park day)


here’s the link:

Carriage and Wagon Rides


it does sound fun!! I am going to book a ride for our Thanksgiving trip!! :C)


Thanks for the link! Something to keep in mind, for sure!

I also can’t believe they have Haunted Halloween Hayrides! COOL! :cool: