For the third time Arthur drew forth the sword


Hi All You Mousebuzzers,
I have heard two rumors about the Sword in the Stone in DL

  1. Once Every day a ramdom guest is chosen to actually pull the sword from the stone

  2. Sometimes a person is chosen, but only when Merlin is around

Okay My Mousebuzzing Buddies I am depending on you I must discover the truth! :mickey:



I had heard rumours too, so I found this whilst searching around- would be great fun if you were picked to do this:happy: I think this is MK in WDW though not DL

Sword in the Stone Ceremony - Magic Kingdom


Yes, it was a show at DL where someone got to pull out the sword, but I don’t think they do it anymore. :glare:


It was done at both DL and MK. It has been a couple years since I heard anything about it.


That would have been awesome to have been that person


Well I guess there is only one thing to do - email disneyland

Thanks guys!