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The pictures on this site are great.


Awesome link - thanks!


Thanks so much for posting this…there’s an aerial view of the Villas where we stayed long ago…it was nice …and close to the Marketplace…


Wow what a great site! I am drawn to the Abandoned land photos. I think its so sad and even a little eerie to see River Country in that state. There must have been so much fun and laughter there at one time, it’s really awful to see how its been let go.


I agree…there are YouTube videos online where someone has walked thru it…it was quite the place in its day…I guess maybe its too waterlocked to be put to any other use??


I love looking at old photos. Personally I don’t miss River Country one bit - we had a very close call there - our daughter was very close to drowning. Most terrifying minutes of my life. I can still remember the panic trying to reach her and pull her in.

We stayed at the Disney Institute Villas too - they were terrific. It was like having a summer cottage in the woods.


The Disney Institute is one of the things I really wish I had taken advantage of.

Discovery Island was one of my DD2s favorite places to go.

But sometimes progress does require some sacrifice.



I wish I had taken classes and stayed at the institute too! I was waiting for my DD to be old enough to take some too and then they closed it!!! :pinch:

We stayed at the Villas before the institute…when the villas were the townhouses, condos and the treehouses…for the longest time I had the floor plans here in a file…I remember the bus that picked us up for the park drove through the villas and stopped near the Treehouses as well. I always dreamed of staying in one of the Treehouses…now that they have opened them up again, I may get the chance!


I wish I could have gone way back then… our family vacations were never Disney-cool!