For those of you that can't watch the new show my yard goes disney


I have found the video of the first show .

Enjoy the show :cool:

Watch My Yard Goes Disney -1×1- A Backyard Train for Two Kids, Two Yards and Two Generations of Disney Lovers | Watch Streaming Online Free


Last nights show was amazing. My DW walked in 1/2 way through the show and heard them mention bringing in animals. Her concern was how would they be able to feed them all.

God I love that woman! ! ! !



I thought that I would not like this show, but I really liked it. It was a great yard last night (the Animal Kingdom yard), and the kids seemed to love it. Wish I lived in Orlando so they could redo my yard…


I can only see bits of it I guess its the international thing- but the bits I did see were amazing! What a show that is- and how wonderful to have them transform the outside area like that.


Oh no! I missed last night!!! Saw last week’s show, though, and thought it was pretty cool. How could I have forgotten about it last night?? :pinch:


It was fun to watch, but I wish they had more time spent with the Imagineers. That’s my interest, is how they came up with the idea and designing it, not the reaction of the family who is lucky enough to have it installed in their back yard.