For those who have purchased tickets on


I purchased a pass on on Saturday. I got a printable receipt and a day to expect the tickets. I just checked my bank account and was never charged for the tickets.:glare: Should I call WDW and see what is going on, or does it normally take them this long to charge my card for an online purchase? I purchased the Halloween tickets online a few weeks back (also on a Saturday) and my card was immediately charged, but it didn’t come out of “pending” until 3 days later I am completely confused. Perhaps it didn’t go through? I’m lost here. This transaction didn’t even go into “pending”.


If you got a printable receipt then the order went through. I purchased tickets back in April and I’m not sure how long it took for it to show up on my card but it definitely showed up later. I think it took about a week for the order to post to my card.


I would say if you are ever in any doubt to call and find out. I mean they don’t charge you a customer service fee, so it may be worth it just for your own knowledge. I have a policy that it never hurts to ask a question…the CM would rather you call to ask a question then call frustrated in a week or so.


I have to say, I have had issues with the “system” for the last few calls I have made to Disney.

First, they took my credit card info and said that they were charging me and then it dropped my call. When I called back, my info was nowhere to be found (this was Disney’s DVC line). We had to do the entire transaction over and then they had to wait the entire day to see if the original charge posted before they decided to charge it again. It never did. Then…

Last week while trying to make reservations for a character breakfast the “system” shut down after my credit card was inputted and then it lost my reservation all together. Again, began the process all over.

I realize that this is a bit different but I guess I just thought I would vent a bit! Anyways, I would call back and explain that you have not been charged, etc… and see what they say. Millermouse is right, why worry about something when you can get the answer momentarily!


Call, you won’t feel better until you talk to someone and know for sure what’s going on.


Call or wait.

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I know when I bought our Halloween tickets online awhile back, it did take awhile for the charge to show up. I would say if you are getting pretty concerned about it, just call and see what the status is. That way you will put your mind at ease!


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I have never purchased anything from but I can tell you I have purchased things and/or paid a bill and have the charge not show up for days or sit in my pending transaction for days…

Sometimes they don’t charge you until they are ready to ship.

But for piece of mind, just call them up to verify…


I would call for your own peace of mind but it does take a while, or at least it has for us. We have never had a problem purchasing from them.


Maybe after my trip.

thanks all for the replies. I will have to make a phone call to find out…maybe with luck I will get put on hold…lol


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Dana is a hottie, and she doesn’t post enough pictures of herself. But I think of her all the time–kind of like a stalker, but too lazy to go to her house and follow her around.


Dana is a hottie, and she doesn’t post enough pictures of herself. But I think of her all the time–kind of like a stalker, but too lazy to go to her house and follow her around.


Ok I called yesterday only to find out that I am truely a “dumb blonde”…The CM on the phone told me to look at the printable receipt and give him the confirmation number so he could track my order…no number? So, I’m reading the receipt as the CM is going on and on (blah blah) and read "you order will not be complete until you hit submitt) OMG! How stupid can I get? I am such an idiot…lololl:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Haha! You pulled an “Erin”! ROFL!



I feel so utterly stupid…the CM on the phone got a good chuckle I’m sure…lol I am still laughing at myself…lol