For those who love the World


The Pirates rehab has me thinking…
Like some of you, I will often check around on some other forums about Disney just to see whats going on. And man…does anybody else get tired of people complaining about Disney? Hopefully some of you feel the same way, but honestly I love WDW and I know that whatever changes come to the parks will ultimately bring a new attraction/resort to fall in love with. Name anything…riding through the Contemporary on your way to the MK and seeing space mountain in the distance, sitting in the Hall of Presidents just to cool off, riding around the TTA until the CM kicks you off…its all wonderful. Sometimes I regret having missed attractions such as World of Motion, and I can only imagine how upset some fans were when attractions like that were taken away. But in the end it makes way for the new, which will inevitably create magic and memories for someone out there. And isnt that what Walt would have wanted? Sure Stichs Great Escape isnt the best attraction out there, but for me everything in the parks add to that Disney magic. I just wanted to say thanks to DC for being such a positive place…and hopefully Im not the only one who, in the end, loves everything about the World :pirate:


Very well put Josh…:smile:


Some people compain just to compain. I pay not bother to them. They should just not go to WDW if it doesn’t suit them.


We’re all with you! The magical experience is truly something special but unfortunately not everyone feels the same way. Many will let the weather, crowds or prices spoil their fun. A friend just mentioned to me that she liked Universal better than Disney and that’s her opinion and I can appreciate it. But it wasn’t until she said being at Disney felt like being at Six Flags that I had to put her out of my house. :happy:


I can’t think of one attraction I 100% dislike.
I may not like certain aspects of an attraction… such as the lack of seating in the 360 movies… but that doesn’t mean I won’t go in there just to cool off.

And I love hanging out on the TTA and eating Jellybellies from the candy store in Adventureland. One of the best parts of the entire day.


Well said!! I personally have never had a bad day at WDW…no matter what…Any day at WDW is a great day!


oh man, Im glad Im not the only one. :tongue:
Youre right, Jess…there are parts of different attractions that may not be my favorite, but I still love the place.
When I was a CM, I definitely learned that an open mind and pleasant attitude is something that adds to the magic. Your attitude really does affect your experience…so just be happy and enjoy it! :laugh:


Ditto to everyone!


This is why you should not venture from DC. This is the most positive forum group I’ve ever found. Some of them out there are just plain scary. :noo:


I love everything about Disney. That’s why I go so much(I’ve been 8 days so far this year!!!).


I totally agree with you. DC is one of the most POSITIVE places I have found on the net!!!


BRAVO josh, BRAVO! You are right! EVERYTHING in the parks adds to the Disney magic! :mickey:


AMEN to that my friend!!!
Some people really do live to complain…there is this one guest at the movie theater I work at who comes in alllllll the time to see movies but every single time he HAS to whine to me about how we don’t have enough staff and everything is so expensive and he has to wait in such long lines…ever heard of coming EARLY for your movie or just renting one once and a while? LOL
I’m one of those easy-going people so I don’t understand the whole complaing thing…

Thanks for your post, it’s a good one (should count as 3 or 4 on your post count lol)


I’ll never forget swimming in one of the pools with my daughter, and a little boy (maybe 8 or 9) was swimming around (his parents were somewhere, I guess) and he started talking to me, talking my ear off actually. I tried to be nice and pay some attention to him and talk to him. I don’t remember everything he said, but I remember him complaining about how expensive Disney was. Gee, I wonder where he got that from???

I agree that some things aren’t for everybody. Disney is one of them (although I personally can’t understand how some people are anti-Disney, I won’t even try.)

DC IS a positive place. That is the result of the hard work put in by the folks that moderate and founded it in the first place. Sort of a good karma thing…foks here are positive, and that attracts other positive people and repels others. In some respects, it does cloud some reality about certain things, but that’s ok. Most of the folks here are pro-Disney, and they wouldn’t be here if they weren’t, so it all makes sense.

I would bet that if you were able to “profile” the folks that regularly contribute here, there would be an inordinate amount of “nice” people - you know, the neighbor that you ask to watch your house when you’re away (at Disney, of course), the people that give up seats on a bus or subway…you get the idea.


Great post Josh! Count me in there with being in love with the Mouse! Even cheerleaders would not keep me away from Disney!! And this site…well, y’all know how I feel about you! I have gotten great info, been able to deal with PDD and even made some good friends.
We glad to have you around!


Change is normal and to be expected. Hopefully changes at WDW will always be for the good of the guests. As far as people putting down Disney I always said “You either love Disney or you don’t, there is no in between”. Joe


All of the comments in this thread are exactly the way I feel and why I love DC. My love for Disney has enhanced my life in too many ways to count. Thanks for this thread! :wub: