? for those who've gone to MNSSHP this year


We finally purchased the tickets for the party on the 24th!! I had wanted to wait until the next cycle on the credit card,but my mother convinced me to call this morning instead of waiting the nine days. Anyway,my question is this: Where is the station for the free photo? I’m sure,like the Christmas party last year,that they don’t advertise the locations on the brochure for the party,so if you know where the locations are,I’d sure appreciate you letting us who are still to go to the party know where they are. Thanks!!


Alma -
Last year there was one near the bridge going into adventure land. It has tons of space there and it would make sense to have it there again. plenty of area to queue up.


I totally forgot about the picture until days after. I didn’t see ANY place to get a picture, and it wasn’t on the brochure. :sad:


There were no free pictures this year. They gave you a special photo pass and any picture purchased from MNSSHP is 50%. There were photographers everywhere! We bought the photo CD so we took advantage and got our picture taken many times!
We were the on 9/29 and 10/2.


WOW! No free picture?


Also it is probably a good idea that you purchased them . We were there 9/29 and 10/2. Friday 9/29 was sold out I was surprised!


Rats!! That really bites!!!


Do they do the free pic every year or at least %50 off??? I will be going next year and cant wait to hear all about it this year…


It seems that every year,Disney is raising the prices of these things and giving people less. Oh well,I am determined to enjoy myself,as well as my mother and aunt.


we were there 9/22 &we were very disappointed this year compared to last year. Not only no free pic, but instead of closing the park at 6p, like last year, it closed at 7p, the same time the party started. So 1 group’s coming in, 1’s going out! Plus, it also was very crowded.
Not very magical for the price!


we were there 10/5 and it was not crowded at all. Several times on rides we told that we didn’t even have to get off if we wanted to ride again. Granted, it was our 1st year, so I have nothing to compare it to. I didn’t see any problems with getting the crowds to leave if they didnt have wristbands. Maybe we were just in the right places at the right times! I can’t wait to go again next year!


But there were no free pictures,were there?


I didnt see anywhere that had free pics!


are they still doing the free pic this year for christmas? if they took it away from the haloween party, i guess they will do the same to xmas - what a bummer…

how many people do they sell tickets to for each day? when we were there last year, they crowds were not bad at all…


I Went On 9-15 And Asked About The Free Picture And They Stated That Because They Have Photo Pass They Had Stopped Doing The Free Photo. But I Did Have A Great Time. Don’t Forget You Can Get In At 4:00pm.


We were upset that there is no more free pictures, but we bought the photo Cd as well.


My good friend just got back from the world on Saturday. She went to the Halloween party and didn’t like it…she said it was compltely packed in and hectic. I feel bad for her experience because I talked her into going. I am not sure what she didn’t like about it, but she said it was just to crowded and hectic. I can’t imagine it being more packed in that Halloween night was last year for me. I guess it’s just not for everyone. I am still excited to go regardless of her experience however. I am really looking forward to it actually.


The crowds and hecticness of it is what ruined it for us, too. I am not sure what I expected, but it wasn’t that.

I think, though, since you already have been, and you’re aware of the crowd level - you will NOT be disappointed, because the parade and fireworks are so amazing! :c) :heart:


We were there on the 6th and the crowds were not bad at all. No free photo was a bummer. I agree, the price goes up and the perks go down.

I did get the photo pass thing but only did one photo, at the Haunted Mansion, and it was a good photo, there was a ghost driving the buggy thing that sits out front.


We went to the party 9/29 ( Friday) and 10/2 Monday. It was more crowded on Friday, but we pretty much walked on every ride or maybe a 5 minute wait.
There were a lot of people there, but I did not think it was that bad.

We were there last year on 10/31 also, maybe that is why it did not seem so bad!