For Those Who've Stayed At CBR Recently


We booked our room for August and right now are booked for a preferred room, so we’re close to the pool and to the restaraunt and such. But I heard people talking about the pirate rooms, and that it would be a perk for our 4 yr old ds(he does love pirates). Well we asked df’s father about them, and he can get us a pirate room for the same price, but it would be a standard view room in any random location. I know some have stayed in the pirate rooms, so wdyt? We will end up going to the pool at least once, and with two young children in tow, would it be worth it to sacrifice the preferred room for a pirate room? The pictures do look cool and I think ds would love it. Again, I’m torn and my fiance needs to let his father know which room we want by this evening. Thanks again for dealing with all of my questions!


We just stayed in the Pirate Rooms at CBR March 24-April 7th. See my TR…Aaaarrrgggg…A Pirate’s Trip Report (which is still waiting to be completed) for some pictures of the room.

I completely understand your questions. The pirate rooms are fabulous and well worth doing once especially for a young boy who loves pirates. They only downfall is that some of the buildings are quite far from the main building. However, if you are only there for a few days, I don’t think it is a big deal to have a bit of an extra walk. We were there for two weeks and by the end of the trip the walk to the main building was getting long for us. Also, there is an internal bus that drives around, so you can catch the bus at your stop and get off at the main building/pool.

I would book the pirate room and put in a request for building 34 which is the closest pirate building to the main building/pool area. We were in building 39 which is the furthest.:pirate:


Here’s the link…and a reminder to me that I need to finish!!:ohmy: