$ for Valet parking


I was reading through the Passporter this morning.

Can anyone confirm whether there is a valet parking charge even if you are a guest at that particular resort? Is there a charge if you are a guest at another Disney resort?

I seem to remember from prior trips that valet parking was complimentary (except for the tip, of course) if you were a resort guest.

Has this changed?



To my knowledge, valet parking does carry a charge even for guests of that resort ($6-$7?). If you have the Disney Dining Experience card and are going to the resort for a meal, valet parking is complimentary.

Anyone have more info?


Yes, you have to pay for valet parking even if staying at the resort.

I believe you can then use any valet packing at any resort during the 24 hour period you have paid for.


This is a very comprehensive summation of valet parking procedures at WDW: Valet Parking at WDW


We were guests at POR and paid to valet at the BW ($7). I didn’t know about the DDE perk then, but I do now!!


It says that DVC members can valet park at Disney’s Beach Club, BoardWalk and Wilderness Lodge FREE OF CHARGE. All you have to do is show your room key. I wonder if DVC point-renters can utilize this, too? :confused:


I would think so. It’s my understanding that renters get almost all, if not all, the same perks as the owner.


We rented points at BCV in Sept 2005 and we had to pay for valet parking. Our keys to the kingdom card (room key) said DVC member on them. We didn’t recieve any special discounts that trip. I believe it was $8 per day. You are only charged for the days in which you call for your car. So, if you don’t drive your car on a given day, you aren’t charged to have it parked in the valet spaces. Or at least that is the way it worked out for us. And, yes, once you pay you simply show your receipt at other resorts and don’t have to pay again that day.


Valet parking is $6 a day or it was in January 05.


Valet parking is now 7 dollars a day. If you have a handicapped sticker,however,it is free.