For you Erin the DVD girl lovers


Erin Cahill, our hostess on the WDW DVD, will soon star in
the new Fox series advertised during American Idol, entitled “Free
Ride”. She has also appeared in Applebees commercials, and was the
pink Power Ranger.

Aren’t y’all excited? Now y’all can watch your favoirte DVD hostess on a weekly TV series. HOORAY! :biggrin:


I didn’t know she was a Power Ranger. That earns her more cool points at our house.


Please, oh please tell me this is not the same girl on the 24-hour hotel channel about Disney theme parks!!! That girl made me nuts, and she was on every time we turned the TV on!!! AaAaaaaarrrggghh!


Nope, not the same girl! But when I was there in October (at Vistana, too! :wink: ) that girl annoyed the HECK out of me every time I turned the TV on!!! She was like a female version of Luke in the Happiest Celebration Planning DVD…UGH!!! :huh:


Oh i didn’t know she was the pink power ranger!!! I just kinda figured taht she never did anything after power rangers!!


Wow…I’m so …scared…


Amy Jo Johnson = better Pink Power Ranger.


Yep!!! You described her perfectly… I must have been trying to suppress the awful memory, but the kids just reminded me of her name:

:nonono2: Stacy!!!


Haven’t there been several pink power rangers?

Wasn’t the Alias star the first pink power ranger?


No she was not the first one! It was Amy Jo Johnson.


I saw that commerical today and I kept thinking…WHO IS THAT GIRL SHE IS SO FIRMILIAR!!
And now I know.

And don’t worry Cavey, her scary mop of a head has been transformed.


Here is her IMDB link

sadly, host of the Happiest Celebration on Earth DVD…is not listed in her filmography.


Well i did find this on her!!! it mentions host of the Happiest Celebration on Earth DVD in the second paragraph!!


aww! Cool!
She’s one of those girls I love to hate :laugh:


I know there were at least 3 Pink Power Rangers. Amy Jo Johnson played Kimberly Hart, and was the first, and the best. Then she was replaced by Catherine Sutherland, who played Katharine… something. Then this Erin chick took over later on. If there’s more, I don’t know.

Jennifer Garner wasn’t the Pink Power Ranger. She usually gets mistaken for Amy.


Yes i agree that Amy was the best power ranger and the best power rangers show EVER