"Former Disney stars are making 'Mickey' proud." MMC article!


One of my first huge Disney obsessions was the new Mickey Mouse Club that was on the Disney channel between '89-'96. I remember coming home from school and watching the MMC everyday! I even got to go to some tapings at MGM back in the day. I was more the early MMC when Matt, Kevin, Marc Lindsey, Jennifer, Tony, etc. were on. By the time Brit, Justin, Christina, and Ryan got there I was getting a little “too cool for school.” :laugh:

Anyway, I saw this article and it brought back a lot of fun memories! I REALLY hope they come out with a DVD set one day! You might even see me in the audience at the tender age of 14 :tongue: I totally even remember what dorky outfit I wore to one (a white shorts jumpsuit with big red roses on it and matching Sam & Libby ballet shoes :laugh:) CeCe Peniston was the music guest that day and I remember seeing all the kids around me doing the “running man, cabbage patch…” and all those other fun dances I could never figure out. :laugh: I’d love to see all the old episodes again!

Did you know that Matt Damon, Jessica Simpson, Kristen Dunst, Brittany Murphy, and Ben Affleck were all audition rejects?!?! :laugh:

Former Disney stars are making ‘Mickey’ proud – Newsday.com


LOL… little wonder as to why Jessica Simpson was rejected…:laugh:


I wonder why Jessica was rejected too. I think she is soo much better that brittany


You do?? I wasn’t kidding. I think she is a terrible singer, actress… JMO!!


I found one of the episode’s i was in the audience for, its:
Episode Number: 191 Season Num: 5

Dang somebody help me find the video for this!! hehe.


What!!! I LOVE her… Well I used to before she kicked nick out:angry: :laugh: I do like her hair. I want to get her extensions…


I was only able to find this. I need more time caues I need to head to work…

MySpaceTV: MMC - Season 5 Opening by Powder


She is pretty… but to me that is all she has going for her. Talent… I dont think so… JMO:laugh:


Ironically, Brittany Murphy is voicing Tinkerbell in the upcoming Disney movie. Which in itself, is a crime!!! Tink doesn’t talk!!!

Oh…and yes, I agree with Daisee. It is painful to watch Jessica Simpson sing. Her herky jerky moves and twisted up face is hilarious.


Jessica completely bombed the auditions. She totally blanked in front of the camera.


You are taking me WAY back! I had EVERY color Sam & Libby ballet shoes that were ever sold:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: AND I am pretty sure that I owned that white jumpsuit with the flowers:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: