Former Pixar animator's short to become Dreamworks feature


Former Pixar Animator’s short Alma to be made into Feature | The Disney Blog

There is a video in the article that lets you watch the short, “Alma”. It is amazing!! A little dark (perhaps why Disney/Pixar didn’t pick it up?) but SO good. I got chills.

Direct youtube link to the short: YouTube - Alma - Rodrigo Blaas.mp4


Wow that is pretty dark!


Oooo! That was a little dark. I’m anxious to see the full-length film.


Me too! It startled me a couple of times.:ohmy:


Wooooow that is pretty dark…I kind of saw it coming but still. Really creepy!

Anxious to see how they turn this into a full film…thanks for sharing!


Oh wow I thought it was amazing. It could have gone even darker I guess and been really spooky, but what a great concept and the attention to detail is superb. I would also love to see a full length feature of this. Thanks for the info, really enjoyed it.


I liked it. Anyone else think that the store window looked like a mouth with teeth? All the better to eat you with my dear:laugh::laugh:


I just showed it to DD and DH and they said the store window looked like a mouth too- DH got it straight away- they loved it though.


Wow that completely creeped me out. Not sure if it’s a small world will ever be the same lol!


Too think the window looked like a mouth. It is very creepy…I don’t like dolls with eyes that move like that. I would still like to see the rest of the story but I am not sure that it would be best for the DDs to see.


I just keep thinking of that horror movie with that doll Chucky in it. It is an interesting concept, but would definitely freak out my youngest DD.


I shared the link on my facebook and freaked out a good many friends…it’s almost Halloween, I had to! :laugh:


I don’t care for “CREEPY” and this def is!!!


Eeek, reminds me of Coraline - very creepy. As I short I can handle it but if as a full movie, no. Unless all the dolls revolt and escape back to kids again at the end.


Hey good idea! Now that would be a good movie:laugh:
I feel for the little guy on the bike who is trying so hard to get out of the door.
And I think I am going to post it on Facebook too to see what my friends think.


I really enjoyed that!! Thanks Jill :] Speaking of creepy and Diseny… I’m still REALLY excited for the new HM movie :happy: :wub:


no I have no interest it freaked me out as a short … no way will we go see it,.


Ok that totally was like a creepy, Chuckie moment. I will not be showing that short to my child.