Fort wilderness campfires


We will be there in late January, 2007. Staying at PC but we are curious about going to a campfire at Fort Wilderness ansd what time they are every night. Sounds like something fun to do that we have not done before. Thanks


where is the Fort wilderness campfires located at?


Every trip we say that we are going to go the campfire with CHip and Dale, but we never quite get there. Maybe someday we will get to do that.


I am not sure where it is . I have never been to Fort Wilderness so I don’t know my way around there. But we are planning an evening there, time permitting.


They should have it (weather permitting). It is sooo much fun. They interact with each person. The songs are great. The campground is awsome. Would love to go back someday soon. It is very clean. My kids loved it.


There is a amphitheater near the 1400 Loop that houses the campfire program. There is no parking in the area outside of 1 vehicle per campsite. But it is easily accessed through the FW internal bus system. To get to the program, you will need to either drive to FW, park in the front parking lot, and take the internal buses. OR take Disney transportation to FW and transfer to an internal bus. It SOUNDS more complicated than it is.

Details can be found at WDW - Fort Wilderness FAQ gives more info, and you can follow links to find the time/schedule. Last January, the campfire was lit at 6:30. The program started at 7:00.