Fort Wilderness Campground Campsite Reservations


Venting below… tired of playing games!

I am needing to go to Disney…badly for some reason. My girlfriend and her family are going the first weekend of April and asked if we wanted to join them. Well, of course I do- even if I never see them!

Anyways, they are staying off property and I just can’t do it. We decided that we need to clean out the camper and take it with us.

I went online to book Friday-Sunday and NOTHING… I know it is Spring Breakish time for some people. SO I called and NOTHING. I told the man to play with my departure date and what do you know. If I stay 4 nights, they have a site for me. I was nicely angry at the man because I can’t stand this game they seem to play at the campground. He laughed and said he has no idea what I was talking about- being sarcastic of course.

I ran the rates by DH and then decided to check online again when we finished work. So now I have a 2 week trip booked just so I can can get the 2 nights I originally wanted. Now I have to call and change my dates.

What a P.I.T.A.!!


Yes, that is so annoying. I know a few years ago, trying to book an AP room for my DS, you could book 6 days, 5, 4, but not 3 days. I know we got the room, but I don’t remember what was involved. There reason is, they want to fill a longer span of days, not just the weekend. grrrrrrr