Fort Wilderness Campground - Cub Scouts


My son, Ben, is a Cub Scout and as a reward for a Krispy Kreme Doughnut fund raiser we will be at WDW’s Fort Wilderness Campgrounds for 2 nights this coming weekend, May 5th & 6th. My MIL bought Ben a 6 man tent for Christmas so the family, Mom, Dad & 3 oldest kids (my 2 year old will not be with us), will be roughing it in a tent. Although we will be at Disney I think all of our activities will be at the campgrounds.
This will be our families first campout so it should be interesting.
I set up the tent in our backyard a couple of weeks ago to make sure I can do it when we actually go camping.
The section that we are staying in, Creekside Meadows, always lists as the more primitive area of the campgrounds.

Does anyone have any experience with camping in the Primitive area?


I don’t have any experience, but wanted to tell you that I am really looking forward to hearing all about your stay. From what I have read about FW, you could easily find enough things to do there to make it a fun-filled weekend. Have a great time. I hope someone has an answer to your question.


That section was adjacent to the 2000 loop where we stayed. “Primitive” is a relative term (I’m trying to get Lil’pocahontas to let me go backpacking for a week on Isle Royale in September–the nearest ranger post will be a two-day hike from our route.). Anyway, with the shower house and bathrooms, your experience will be similar to camping in your back yard.

Why aren’t you taking 2yo DS? I’ve taken all my kids camping as young as 8 months, and they were fine.

You’re going to have a great time. Wish I could go camping this weekend!


Her Grandma wanted to keep her so we figured this was a good opportunity to try camping before we add in her schedule. If this works out like we think we will be going back and she will come along.
Thanks for the info.