Fort wilderness campground


I stay here every time we go and we LOVE it. They have all kinds of activites and the Trails End resturant is nice and the food is wonderful but the Price is the best part of all a family of 6 can get two pizzas for 28.00


We have not stayed at FW camp but we also love Trails End. They have the best chicken in all of Disney. I agree about prices…the buffet price for the 4 of us… is fantastic. Service has always been great also. One of our favorite, out of the way meals.


Wow I’m glad to hear that you like it so much. I will be staying there next Feb.


Our favorite campground in the US so far. We love it here too.


We just bought a new camper. We plan on going there in Jan IF all goes well.


We have camped there a few times - even through Hurrican Andrew. They made us sleep in the Hoop de Doo Revue hall.

We have not been back since we had children, the closest we got was the Cabins - which was great fun!


I stayed at Fort Wilderness for 14 years straight in my Grandma and PopPop’s ‘Tioga Arrow’ RV and to this day my BEST Disney memories were staying there. I used to LOVE riding my bike to the store, renting canoes, and zooming around in a golf cart everywhere. I used to take the hayrides, and I used to love going to the campfires, and playing volleyball on the sand court. “Jack Rabbit Run,” we stayed in that loop a lot and I sware I remember my Grandma bringing her dog so there must be a pet loop somewhere too. My FAVORITE thing was how everyone would decorate their campers for the holidays. :heart:

I miss it so much in fact that I wanted to RENT an RV just to go stay there again. :sad: DH looked at me like I was absolutely crazy but hey, I’ll convince him one day!


Our last trip down, our relatives had their huge camper “docked” there and we visited.
It was near Halloween, and boy, were the RV’s and tent loops done up!
We use to do the lights and all the fun stuff - I can only imgaing Christmas time there!!!
You need to take hubby and rent a golf cart and vist the loops next time your there - he’ll love it.


Fort Wilderness is the only place I have ever stayed at WDW. There is so much to see and do. I love that I can share some of my favorite memories from camping there with my parents with my DH and DS’s now. Of course my parents come along too…I don’t think I could get down to WDW without them tagging along. At least they still have their own trailer :laugh: :laugh:

Last trip down my brother and his wife borrowed a camper and came along too. My DSIL isn’t a camper but after all the fun we had, they ended up buying their own trailer and are coming with us again in the spring. DSIL is even trying to figure out the best way to decorate the campsites for Easter.


Sounds great…BUT…
What is the Disney Transportation like?
When we stayed at PO Riverside we had to wait almost an hour for a bus back from MK and Epcot…after the fireworks (this was in June). The line was curling thru the cue area and then all the way down the middle of the line shelter.
Is the transportation as bad or do they have more busses for FW than POR?


Well FW has a few more options. Boat from MK is pretty quick (or walk through Contemporary and take a boat from there). Buses from other parks are not bad. Some buses serve W Lodge as well, but we never had a problem.


We love FW so much that we go there every 2 or 3 months :slight_smile: It’s very easy going and fun there. Going so often helps us use the heck out of our APs :wink:


Well, this was the old me who posted the above message. We went, we saw & we conquered. We learned that our stay was too short. We rushed around too much. We didn’t have to walk everywhere because we could have taken the FW bus transportation. (duh)

We watched the MK fireworks from the FW dock. We didn’t have time to see the zoo, the movie, sit around tha campfire or do the woop-de-do revue. But, there is always this January 2009!


So excited to take ds there when he is a little older. That is the only place that I will probably ever go camping. Just not the camping kind of gal.


We don’t ‘rough it’ when camping. We have all the comforts of any Disney Resort. I can cook if I want to or we can eat inside the park, at a restaurant inside the campground or any other resort restaurant… It is great campground. (So, are many Georgia state parks):happy:


You make me want to stay there!:laugh: What great memories to have! I’m not a camper, but I’ve heard people rave about FW - it’s a holiday in itself.


Disney Transportation is the luck of the draw. You can stay at any of the Deluxes and STILL have to wait an hour for a bus. (Boardwalk is notorious for having the WORST bus transportation at WDW). With the amount of people that visit, Disney does a pretty good job, but at the end of the night after fireworks chances are you’re going to have a wait.


:wub: LOVE:wub: FW! Have stayed in tents, pop-up and for the last few visits, the cabins. My family won’t stay at any other resort. We make a point to visit the other resorts, but we’re always glad we’re at FW. It’s a little oasis - perfect for resting and escaping. There’s non-Disney stuff to do, and when you’re ready you can dive back into the parks. My DH is an office manager at a 4-star camground up here, and he’s inpressed with FW. We’re all impatiently counting down to our next trip!


i saw this on another site. pretty interesting…

The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort are now being listed as a Moderate resort option on the official Walt Disney World Resort website. No reason for the option’s downgrade from Deluxe to Moderate has been made available at this time, but due to the overwhelming size of these accommodations, it is highly doubtful that a price change is going to happen anytime in the near future. The only rumored explanation for the change is that by listing it with the other Moderate resorts, Disney hopes bookings for the location will increase.


:heart: In January 2007, we stayed at WDW Fort Wilderness campground. We loved it. We stayed in the loop called Jack Rabbit Run. There are loops that are animal friendly. I remember one RV had a ‘Potbellied Pig on Board’ sign. I think all pets must on a leash.

Fort Wilderness has it’s own color-coded, bus transit system that stays within the Ft Wilderness campground area. There are bus stops all over. You can ride to the MK, via the ferryboat. Once there you can enter the MK or take the monorail to Epcot or catch a bus to wherever. If you do not want to ride the ferryboat, you can catch one of the color-coded FW busses & ride to the bus stop that is near the check-in at Ft. Wilderness. At that bus stop, you can catch one of Disney’s many buses that go to the AK, DHS, MK, Epcot, DTD, both water parks, etc.:wub: