Fort Wilderness, Here We Come!


Well, it’s official. I just paid for 10 days at FW with 7-day PH tickets and the dining plan. But not for my vacation dates. :eek:

Here’s what happened:

I have been playing with the dates Jan 31-Feb 9 for months. I came close to booking through Mouseketrips in November, but decided to wait. Why? Well, I was waiting to see what the financial picture looked like after Christmas.

Then Roxie posted a FW question today, and someone mentioned FW being packed in the winter. I went back to “play” with the Disney reservation website, and sure enough my dates were no longer available. I spent an hour working all kinds of dates, and ALL I could get was Feb 5-15.

I had every intention to go with Mouseketrips, but I called WDW reservations just now and booked tonight before even that date closed for us. I realize cancellations happen all the time, but with only 44 days until departure, it was either take what’s available or risk not going at all (I’m just suprised the campground is full in the dead of winter!)

So now I’ve got a trip to plan! Does anyone know of a website that can help me with trip planning? :tongue:


Congrats to you and Lil on your trip!


Hmmmm, I’ll have to look into that for you and see what I can come up with. :angel:



I’ve heard of a Disney Website…but you probably wouldn’t like it - it’s full of weirdos.


Maybe that Hermit Crab board can point you in the right direction!


As for the campground being full during the winter… We get lots and lots of Snow Birds down during the winter… so it will be full when the park is not… The campground is great so lots of people will book it not intending to go to the parks at all… It is so quite and secure that a lot of people love it…


Congrats on the trip!! I take it your DS has stopped the running off in public issue you said he had to break before another trip? :tongue:

Hmmm… get back to us on that one… :tongue:


Congrats to you and Lil! Enjoy your vacation planning! :mickey:


Yay Cavey! I am so glad you are going! I know a few people who may be able to give some advice. If you are really stumped just call Dr. Cavey!


Wow! Good job cavey! Congrats on your trip…
pouts because Cavey booked his trip before I will be working there :tongue:


Hey good for you! Can we go too? We’re jealous cause we want to go back. Bet SSJAZ could help you in planing. He is really good at making reservations at the resturants. Have a great time! Hope it doesn’t snow except at Blizzard Beach.


Congrats to you and lil!!!

You’ll be there on Valentine’s Day :heart:


Congrats on the upcoming trip!


Great News! Now comes the fun part - trying to figure/plan everything out. If you need help -I know a guy that knows a guy …


Have a great trip! Sounds like a perfect time to go, should be low crowds.


So happy for you…don’t forget to pack your tiara.


I was just reading over on a FW discussion board (put down the rocks, Erin!) that FW is so full this winter they are not even offering the “Snow Bird” discount for long-term campers.

I tried four different dates, before I could find anything. I’m lucky to have been looking for only a partial hook-up site, or I wouldn’t have even got these dates.


Caving helmet…I hear Tom Sawyer’s Island is full of wild caves. :tongue:


You just might need it. Sitting by those trees can be a safety hazard. One day a bird settled in a tree and acorns came raining down. So add hard hats to your packing list.


Cavey! Congrats to you and Lil!! As part of our trip down next year we wanted to check out the cabins for our 2007 trip, and it looks like we will be down at the same time 2/9-2/13…any chance for a meet-up? We’ll be around the corner at WL!