Fort Wilderness Loop Videos


Found this website. It’s videos from the site owner driving through each of the FW loops. Pretty cool!


wwwwwooooowww!! Thanks Caver!! :eek:


Wow, a video after my own heart. Thank you Cavey. I am DLing something so I haven’t watched it yet. Although, I hope the “1300” loop is on there, I believe that was the site we ALWAYS requested when going in the RV. “Tumbleweed Turn?” was that what it was called?

I remember staying in one called “Jack Rabbit Run” a lot too.


It’s there in the list. I watched it, and it looks nice.


OMG OMG OMG, what year was this done? WOAH, that’s our RV in the video in the 1300 loop! WOAH!!!

kidding!! :tongue:


wow those are so cool!!! really make me want to stay there! thanks cavey


I really want to stay there someday.
May 2007 here we come!!


Very cool, Cavey!! I hope this got you SO excited!!!


That was pretty cool. Thanks for the link caver. :cool:


Woah… I feel sick now. :blow:

Very neat though! Good find Cavey.


I must be doing something wrong because I can’t get the page to load. It hangs up for about 30-40 seconds and then I get the error/cannot be displayed page.


Those are pretty cool… One question though… Is there no sound on those videos, or is something wrong with the speakers on my computer here at work?

Wish…did you REALLY see your RV in the video? Which one is it?


I was kidding. :tongue:


Well that’s not nice. I watched that video twice trying to see you parked in a lawn chair in front of one of those RVs gettin some sun… :tongue:


Fantastic! Thanks Cavey! I watched a few of those and even those little ‘snippets’ of video have made me gutted that I am not even close to another WDW vacation yet! :crying:

really cool to watch though :happy:


Thanks. Makes me wish I could go right now. I saw my favorite site. Can’t wait till March.


Cavey…Love that hula!!!


I can’t look at them anymore :crying: it makes me want to go back even more :crying:


No, no sound on the video clips.

I’ve requested the 1500 loop as it is for pop-ups and is close to the pool and the Chip 'n Dale campfire.


I want a popup, too!! Take me with y’all!