Fort Wilderness Meadows Pool Update


After a nice stop at Chip & Dale’s campfire last night, we snuck over to the pool to check out if any progress has been made. To our surprise, the twisty water slide is installed-and that is about it!!

I spoke to the CM at check in and she said the tower and slide from the old River Country are being added to the pool.

The entire are around the pool is all dug up and looks as if it is ready for cement. When we were at FW a few weeks ago they said the pool would be complete mid March. The paper now says mid April.

I tried to get some pictures last night to post, but it was too dark and I couldn’t get close enough for the flash to pick it up.

This is very exciting!!


Thanks for the update. I wonder if it is the free fall slide from River country. That one was the best.


Thanks for posting this. The same thing happened to me when we were there recently. I say the caution tape and a front loader, but it was dark, we were on the bus and I did not get a chance to take pics at all.

I hope it doesn’t take too much longer.


if anyone is interested they have pictures on Disboards


link? I couldn’t find them, the boards there are chaotic, many more than 10 pages deep. Definitely more homey here…


It’s a swirly slide- I don’t remember what River Country looked like back in the day- I was too little!!