Fort Wilderness senario?


Would this work at the Fort Wilderness Cabins:

DW and myself
Older daughter (23) w/ BF
DS 17
DS 4

Any thoughts ? I know the cabins sleep 6, but do they sleep 6 with any kind of privacy ?

Thanks in advance!!



The information I have on the cabins came from my Passporter. It says there is one bedroom with a queen bed and bunk beds and a pull out couch that sleeps 2. I don’t know about the privacy part, but they do sound large enough for 6 people.


Depends on whos sleeping where. In the bedroom is a large bed queen or double and bunk beds. I believe the living room has a murphy bed. So, there really isn’t that much privacy.


Our last trip was in the Fort Wilderness Cabins. I was so worried that we had made a bad choice in our planning until we arrived. The Cabins are so great! We are a family of 4 and this trip Grandma came with us. She took the pullout bed in the front room the kids used the bunks and my wife and I the queen bed. The bedroom is tight when we were all getting dressed at the same time. My kids are 8 & 5 so privacy is not an issue at this point. In your case I would put all the kids in the bedroom and take the pullout for the adults.


You will all fit… it might be difficult to figure out who should sleep where. The kitchen is a full kitchen, and the bathroom is large. When the murphy bed is pulled down, it takes up most of the living room.

If you aren’t comfortable with older daughter sleeping in bed with boyfriend, I’d put them in the bunkbeds and put your two DS in the full bed (all in the bedroom). Then you and DW could sleep in the murphy bed. However, we just came back from FW and felt more comfortable sleeping in the bedroom with myself and DH in full bed, and DS (9) in top bunk and other DS (4) in bottom bunk. This left the murphy bed in living room for 23 year old babysitter.

The bedroom really lacks drawer space in a big way, and it is a small bedroom. That being said, We are going back next month because we had such a great time and didn’t get enough of FW!


When we stayed there last october, my MW and I actually slept in/on the Murphy bed, and the boys stayed in the back room. We wanted to enjoy the kitchen area and sitting area. Very cool place. We stayed part of our honeymoon here, after be evacuated from Disney’s Vero Beach (Hurricane Opal), this is when they were still the Wilderness Homes. The new make overs are a welcomed facelift.
ALSO, if it’s in the budget, get a golf cart for your stay, they went up in price, but they surely get you aroung the “wilderness” alot better.