Fort Wilderness Swimming Pool Update


Saw this on—for all of you wondering! Looks cool!

Except for the theme, it looks similar to the upgrade at CBR!

Fort Wilderness Swimming Pool Update (The ?World? According to Jack)


It is very nice. We stay here every trip and we are so excited about the new pool.


The FW pool has been in serious need of theming for about 20 years now. haha. I still think they could have done more but it looks great! I was VERY impressed to see they used a barrel from River Country. I personally think they need a NEW River Country or something interesting like that but I’ll take a barrel. :laugh:


Thanks for sharing th pics. It looks great, and I agree with Wish, it’s about time.

I would love to see RC opened again in some capacity, though I have been told several times that it will probably never happen.


DH always stayed at FW as a kid when they went to WDW. We’ve debated staying there with our kids, and the pictures of that fun pool area makes me want to change our reservation!:laugh:


That is DH and I sitting in the hot tub!! We were chatting and I noticed some man just walk up and snap a picture of the hot tub and us in it!! We both thought it was strange!! We are heading back home now and got a kick out of it!! Too funny!! Never in my life did I want to be photographed in my bathing suit with no makeup on and placed online!!


You look fabulous! I think it’s cool . . . your are FAMOUS! :cool:


STOP IT!!! :laugh: OMG, that is TOOOOOOOO funny! See, and when I saw that picture the FIRST thing I thought was, “That dude looks TOTALLY bewildered why some jerk is just coming up & taking a photo of them randomly.” :laugh::laugh:

So funny!


Are you SERIOUS?!?! Oh my goodness! That is too funny! I love it!


Oh my gosh, that is so weird. You look relaxed.


I was relaxed!! God only knows where my kids were at that moment!! :laugh:
The splash park was open later in the evening on Friday and the rest of the weekend. It was a really great addition. When we were there last month, it was just cement. I just figured it would be water shooting out of the ground, but the kids totally loved it and the little slide is great. The best part is that it is gated with a the door shuts and locks after each time it is opened.


oh MY, I would not have cared at least you where there and most of us would of change places to be there…but wow who would of thought.


That’s too cool!!! (But kind of creepy at the same time… the random guy taking a picture! :laugh:)


That is too funny! It’s your 15 minutes of fame!:cool:


Every thing is relative. If you have a young family, with lots of energy and noise to spare then you will enjoy the change in the Meadows pool.But if you are old, like we are, and have always enjoyed quiet, floating peacefully in the deep end, then go to the Creekside pool cause it aint gonna happen at the Meadows any more.