Fort wilderness tents?


Hi everyone! I am wondering if anyone has ever rented a tent when staying at Fort Wilderness? I was wondering about the cost, the sizes, and do they rent out any other camping gear, such as sleeping bags? Thanks!:confused:


They do.

here is what allaers says…

Can you rent camping gear at FW?

Yes. The official policy for Fort Wilderness is that rental tents and cots are only available to groups of 20 or more using Creekside Meadow, the primitive camping area. However, official policy and practice seem to differ. Individuals have rented equipment before and I’ve called FW myself and been told they do rent equipment to individuals if they have it available and a group hasn’t already made arrangements to rent it. Tents are $30 per night, cots are $4 per night, so it’s not cheap. Also, if you do stay in Creekside Meadow, the cost is $10 per person (20 person minimum). For group reservations, call (407) 939-7807 Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

I would purchase a tent however. You dont need a super expensive one. If you get a good size coleman tent, and seal the seams, you are good to go.

Sleeping bags at Walmart and target Start at 10$. Bring some extra blankets for comfort/beding.

here is one for 79$ and 97 cent shipping… Coleman Squaw Creek 6-Person 12’ x 10’ Tent: Camping


thanks…wow, for the price of renting a tent I could stay at Pop!


This is good to know . . . my GS troop wanted to go to Disney for their trip, and we can get tents for FREE from counsel . . . might be a fun idea!!


Ya think?!
Seriously though, at $30 a night, plus 4 beds at $4 each, that’s already $46.
Then you still need to bring blankets and pillows and you won’t have a TV.
Then there’s the need bring stoves, fuel, food, dinnerware, and a cooler (plus keep it iced), otherwise, you’re not going to save any money on meals, which is one of the reasons to camp. You’ll also need lighting sources. If you go electric, you’ll need extension cords. Lanterns? Back to fuel. And you might as well bring a TV.
Camping’s fun. Disney’s fun. Camping at Disney might be fun, but it doesn’t make sense because you’re going to have all the extra concerns of camping competing for time in the parks.
And if it’s raining every day (like it will in the summer) you don’t want to be in a 12 x 10 tent, no matter where you are.
I’d do the value resort, given a choice.